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Well, the main reason that Brinly is a loved brand by consumers is that of the price that it offers. Brinly is one of the few brands which offer low-priced products with great quality.

Brinly is one of the oldest lawn product-related brands in the world as it started its operation back in 1839. Since then, Brinly has been operating its operation around the world and their products are made in the USA. In this article, we will review one of their best sellers of recent time known as Brinly tow behind dethatcher.

Brinly DT40BH Review

Features of Brinly DT48BH

There are two available models of this product right now. One is 40 inch and another one is 48 inch. They both are black in color and most of the other functions are identical too. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of this lawn dethatcher.


If you look at the image of this product, you will immediately notice that there is nothing fancy or digital in this product. The product is simple and it is super easy to use for everyone. You won’t have to run with wires or cables in your lawn and if you are someone who loves analog products for lawns and gardens then this is the perfect match for you.

Tow Behind Function

If you don’t know then it is to tell you that Brinly tow behind lawn dethatchers are those which you use is at the back end of the machine. This is a tow behind type so if you are looking for other types then this is not the one to go for. On the other hand, if you like tow behind functions then this is the ideal choice for you.

Different Modes

As it is a standing device, you won’t have height changing features for your comfort but you will have different modes for your lawn. There are three different modes named as:

  • Dethatch
  • Sacrify
  • Transport

As you can understand from the names, these three modes will have different purposes and they are actually good at serving their purposes. Changing mode is not tough as you can easily do so from the seat part of this machine.


As you saw in the image, there are two lines of independently flexible tines in this machine and the machine comes in that way. You won’t have to insert those tines one by one in your lawn as they are pre-installed.

The Cons of Brinly DT48BH

The product, Brinly tow behind dethatcher is not free from cons. Therefore, this section of this article will tell you the cons of this product. Remember, if a con doesn’t clash with your work process, you can ignore that part.

  • This is an analog device
  • Brinly tow behind dethatcher will not rake sticks and other items in the lawn. It will only work as dethatcher
  • Better options are available in market

Final Words

This is definitely not the best product in the market when it comes to lawn dethatchers. Even though it is not the best one, it is not the worst one too as it has great quality and durability. Most importantly, the price is very reasonable. This machine is probably the lowest priced dethatcher in the current market and the value that it provides in that price is amazing. One should not miss this opportunity unless the cons directly clash with your system.

Best of luck

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