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Cutting grass should, in theory, be a simple process. However, that is not always the case. Many lawn mowers are just not up to snuff. Some do not work correctly, some are overpriced, and others have no external features. To get around that, there's the Snapper push mower.

snapper push mower

The Best Snapper Push Mower

Snapper has been making lawn mowers for years. In that time, they have perfected the devices. Today, they create many excellent machines, ranging from traditional push mowers to riding mowers to zero turn options.

Though all of those are incredible in their own way, this guide will go over the three best push mowers they have to offer.

1. Snapper SP80, 21-Inch Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

The first Snapper push mower we’re going to look at is the SP80. This model, which weighs in at 78 pounds, is a great option for bigger lawns. That is because it is self-propelled, meaning that it takes a lot of the strain out of pushing.

By squeezing a bar, the mower moves along as you push. That takes off a lot of stress and enables you to work in your yard for extended periods of time without getting too winded. You simply move along at an easy pace and steer.

In addition, the compact device (measuring just 39 inches by 24 inches by 17 inches) is easy to use and simple to operate. When you buy the Snapper push mower, you simply affix the handle and bagger, and then put in your oil and gas. From there, two gentle pulls are all you need to get going. No involved process or extra steps.

Beyond that, the mower also moves up steep slopes. That enables you to handle rough terrain with relative ease. That is one of the biggest bonuses of the model and makes it a great choice for people who need to work in tough or wet environments.


Another bonus of the Snapper SP80 is its amazing cut quality. This device is one of the premium Snapper push mowers because it allows you to easily cut your lawn in one go over the grass.

Some mowers force you to go over your lawn multiple times. So, a mower that can handle everything at once is a nice bonus.

It won’t be able to take down extremely high grass or dense weed coverage in one pass. However, two trips should be more than enough for such situations. Unlike weaker models, you have the power to go big if you need.

That reliability comes from the SP80’s solid steel cutting deck, as well as its dual-blades.

Just note that, while you can opt for the bag, the mower does work better with a mulching option.

To complement the cuts, the SP80 has six different height settings. Using two levels, you can switch the machine to exactly where you need it to be.

Not only that, but the range goes from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. That gives you the power to make extremely deep or shallow cuts, depending on the type of grass.

Extreme Power and Easy Maintenance

As noted above, the SP80 comes with quite a bit of power. Mowers need to be able to tear through grass. So, it always helps when you have a machine that can handle whatever you throw at it.

This Snapper push mower’s engine comes from the Briggs and Stratton 725exi series, which pushes out a power of 6.5 horsepower. While such force tends to create a lot of noise, the SP80 is one of the quietest models out there. That reduction is extremely nice and will help you work in peace.

Though self-propelled mowers tend to be harder to clean than traditional mowers, that is not the case with this model. It is incredibly easy to maintain, especially when compared to other devices in its category and price range.

Its Deck Washout Port enables you to clean it with just a garden hose. Also, there is no oil changing process. Just pour more in when the level gets low.

2. Snapper 2185020/7800979 HI VAC

Snapper 2185020 / 7800979 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower with...
  • Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series engine with ready start starting system - no priming, no choking. Just pull...
  • 21 Inch 14 gauge Steel mowing deck
  • Hi VAC deck efficiently cuts and sucks up grass clippings for a clean finish similar to a vacuum with the unique blade...

The next Snapper push mower is the 2185020/7800979 HI VAC. This model is similar to the SP80 in a lot of ways. But it does differ due to its numerous premium features.

This machine is great for all mowers, but it is especially great for bagging fans. It comes with a fantastic vacuum-like suction that cuts and bags your grass at the exact same time. That then provides you with a clean finish as well as the great looking lawn.

The HI VAC is one of the best Snapper push lawn mowers around. And it it goes above what other models offer. Beyond the suction, you get a 21-inch, 14-gauge steel mowing deck, 3-in-1 capability, and adjustable height settings.

Those all come together to create an efficient and reliable package that everyone, regardless of their lawn size or location, can enjoy.

Cutting All Grass, Regardless of Where You Live

There are many aspects you want in a mower. But, one of the most important is the ability to cut through different types of grass. Though you may only have one lawn at the time of purchase, people move around during their lifetime.

That is where the HI VAC comes in.

This Snapper push mower, which can last for decades, will always be useful to you. It has incredible power, allowing it to mow any lawn, small or large, with ease.

In addition, the HI VAC is equipped with rear-wheel drive. This is a great feature to have in all push mowers. That gives the machine an incredible amount of traction, regardless of where you need it to work.

It does not matter if you’re moving up hills or trudging through damp grass, you’ll be able to get amazing performance across all terrain.

That, combined with the device’s smooth-turn differential, allows you to easily move or maneuver around your yard. So you won't have to worry about damaging trees or flower beds.

In addition, the 10-inch rear wheels easily move the device, and the sturdy frame can pilot around tight or cramped spaces so you can reach every spot.

Every Feature You Could Ever Need

Another reason to pick up this Snapper push mower is how easy it is to use and operate. For one, it has a cup holder, which shows how many features are packed into the device. It also comes with a speed selection feature and an “operator zone” to keep everything within your reach.

Being able to access a water bottle while mowing is not something many people think of, but it is something that you’ll use time and time again.

On top of that, you get an adjustment feature that helps you easily change the height-of-cut between seven different options. You can choose anything between 1.25 inches to 4 inches, enabling you to always leave your lawn with a clean look and stunning finish.

The HI VAC is a Snapper push mower known for its premium features, and each of them helps add more utility and style to an already great mower.

More than a Machine

Though it can be easy to get caught up in the numerous features the Snapper HI VAC has to offer, there are other reasons to purchase the machine.

For instance, this Snapper push mower model also comes with both bagging and mulching options. This allows you to choose your own personal preference and cut in your own way.

Digging a bit deeper, you will also see that the HI VAC is incredibly simple to clean. Even if you're not incredibly experienced in that field, the operator’s manual comes with numerous maintenance tips. These tips will help you keep your device running smoothly for years to come.

That, combined with the different safety features like blade and engine speed control, gives you a solid device that you’ll be able to get full use out of for years.

3. Ninja Push Mower

Snapper RP2185020 / 7800981 NINJA 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive...
  • Briggs & Stratton 850 professional Series engine with ready start starting system - no priming, no choking. Just pull...
  • Rear wheel drive improves walk behind mower traction and the smooth turn differential helps ensure easy maneuverability...
  • Ninja blade features 6 powerful cutting surfaces to finer mulch your grass while the deck design blows them back into...

Our final Snapper push mower on this list is the Ninja. This brand, which covers many options, is one of the best machines the company has to offer for various reasons.

Not only is the machine well-built and made to last, but it also has a range of upgrades. Each will make every trip across your grass an absolute breeze.

A Ninja is not just a temporary purchase, it is a piece of machinery you will likely own for most of your life.

Roll Through All Terrain

As with the two above Snapper Push mowers, the Ninja has a range of different features that help make your life easier. You get easy-to-use adjustment handles. In addition, you'll discover an easy-reach comfort zone (complete with cup holder).

Though there are many standard upgrades here, one that stands out is the incredible wheels.

Snapper has equipped the Ninja push mower with 10-inch rear wheels. These allow you to easily and quickly move through all different grass types.

This is a great option for people who have tall or fast-growing lawns that they need to maintain frequently. It is also perfect for people who mow in tricky yards with a lot of obstacles.

In addition, the Ninja also has excellent traction. The rear-wheel drive (another fantastic feature) allows the Snapper push mower to grip the grass as it moves along.

While that may not seem like a big deal at first, it creates a smooth-turn differential. And that allows the machine to easily roll along through different slopes and terrains.

Strong in More Ways than One

As mentioned above, the Ninja is one of the best Snapper push mowers because of its durability.

The device is made with a tough, solid steel front axle and stamped steel mower deck. Those two upgrades ensure you’re buying a quality device. So, you’ll get long-lasting performance each and every season.

The model also comes with an advanced disc drive transmission that serves as a dependable speed adjustment system. That, mixed with the higher wheel torque and improved control, means you’ll have the ability to readily adapt to any surface that comes your way.

Mulch Your Heart Out

The final thing to note when discussing the Ninja is its mulch system. Rather than sucking up the grass, the device has a special blade with six cutting surfaces.

Those then work to finely mulch the grass you cut. And rather than storing it in a bag, blows it back onto your lawn for additional feeding. That tends to create a healthy lawn and provides your grass with nutrients. 

This is a great advancement for those who prefer that system over traditional bags. It is not something for everyone, but it is a welcome feature for people who already prefer to mulch lawn cuttings.

That cutting ability is then backed with a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series OHV engine. This works works to ensure the device runs at full capacity for extended periods of time.

Mowers that Meet All of Your Cutting Needs

Snapper is one of the most reliable and trusted lawn mower companies on Earth. They make many excellent machines, but their push mowers are truly remarkable. The three models covered above are some of the most reliable. 

There is no doubt that Snapper push mowers are some of the best on the market, and this guide shows why. Not every model listed in this guide will work for you, but chances are, one of them will provide you with the lawn care experience you need.

Cutting your grass should be an easy and simple process. That is what Snapper offers.

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