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Everyone wants a great looking lawn for their home. And, in order to keep their yard looking their best, you need to mow it regularly. But many people don't like pushing mowers because they're heavy and hard to manuever. However, a Murray riding lawn mower, like many riding mower, removes this problem from landscaping tasks.

No one wants to work any harder than they have to. Luckily, manufacturers have made many innovations when it comes to landscaping and lawn and garden equipment. Riding lawn mowers have been around for a while now, so they are pretty commonplace.

A riding lawn mower makes it possible to take the leg work out of lawn mowing tasks. Along with the back work, arm work, and let's be honest, a pretty good core workout. You find many different models available in a wide price range. But the purpose of this review is to take a closer look at the Murray riding lawn mower.

The Murray Riding Mower and How It Works

Murray riding lawn mower on a sand

A Murray riding lawn mower is a rotary lawn mower with an engine, a riding deck, and a chassis mounted on wheels. The engine propels the lawnmower automatically, and it drives as a small vehicle.

You'll find several different models of Murray lawn mowers available. However, they can prove hard to find. Many of the stores that once carried them are out of stock. Some Murray models are smaller than others.  And the more compact designs tend to be sleeker and more attractive.

The bigger models  are more cumbersome and will probably use more gas than the others. Most significantly, all of the Murray lawn mowers are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines. After all, the original Murray company was taken over by Briggs & Stratton early in the 19th century.

Murray lawn mowers have several features that you'll find on any riding mower. Basics are revolving blades, an engine powered by gas and oil, and controls to operate the machine. And these controls also adjust the level of cutting height, speed of the machine when it rolls, and other features.


Unfortunately, Murray riding mowers are not exceptionally fancy machines. Many people find them bulky and boxy looking. Also, they don't seem to have any of the great extra features that you find in many models available in the marketplace.

Overall, the Murray riding mower is a kind of generic, bargain-basement machine. There's nothing really special about them to take note of. Furthermore, we can't recommend them for professional use whatsoever.

You'll find that Murray riding mowers boast no extra frills or special features to choose from. For some, this may be a drawback if you're looking for an exceptional experience in your riding lawn mower. However, for those on a very tight budget, it may be sufficient.

What Makes the Murray Riding Lawn Mower Unique

Black Murray riding lawn mower

Unfortunately, there's not a lot to say about the Murray riding lawn mower being unique. It's a rather ordinary piece of equipment, overall. Worst of all, it's prone to maintenance and repair issues for many people.

In general, riding lawn mowers serve as great time-saving devices that take all of the effort out of mowing your lawn. However, Murray riding mowers, specifically, have a poor reputation. The company has suffered legal problems, and their products don't come highly recommended.

There are numerous reports of malfunctions that led to a recall. As of this writing, it's uncertain if any of these problems continue. To be fair, the company has attempted to rectify this situation in future Murray riding lawn mower models.

With that said, you should be aware that Murray riding mower is not considered a high-quality machine. Many homeowners avoid them outright. In many cases, this brand of lawn mower is synonymous with poor quality and workmanship. 

Limitations and cautions

However, if you're still thinking of getting a Murray riding mower, you might want to consider other options. You may be in the market for something that's just sufficient to get your lawn mowed and nothing more. But, this riding lawn mower definitely does not have a stellar reputation as far as performance.

Murray riding mowers don't sport any excellent features or special parts in their design. Also, be careful about the gas cap and carburetor mechanism, as they have proved to be faulty in the past. These defective parts have led to recalls as well as dangerous conditions in the past.

If you do get a Murray riding lawn mower you should definitely take safety precautions. You may also want to get a local repair shop involved in maintenance too. The machine has a reputation for requiring frequent repairs.

What to Expect in Pricing

Murray riding lawn mowers have only a few different models to choose from overall. The average pricing for some of them runs from $600 to $900 in most locations. Retail giant Walmart lists them on their website, although they are frequently out of stock when you go to order them.

If you're going to purchase a new Murray riding mower, take the time to look at various bargain or discount outlets online or at a brick-and-mortar store first. For some reason, they are pretty hard to find as far as actually ordering one.

This may be because since Murray had a recall several years ago, they have become much less popular. Retailers tend to shy away from stocking products with poor reputations. And since Murray riding mowers are so frequently out of stock, giving you a ballpark estimate of what to expect for one is kind of difficult.

In many cases, you can purchase a used Murray riding mower on websites like eBay and Craigslist. If you do purchase a used Murray riding mower, look it over carefully. Some owners don't treat their machines properly, and there may be further issues when you purchase them.

Shop around

Finding a good Murray riding lawn mower either new or used can be somewhat of a challenge. They're simply not as available as they were before the recall. However, if you do find one, you may be able to get a greatly discounted price.

In any case, you should shop around before you actually plunk down good money for a Murray riding mower. If you do decide to purchase a Murray mower, don't overspend on it. Considering the general reputation and quality of this equipment, expect a bargain price for it, new or used.

Public Perception of the Murray Riding Lawn Mower

Black Murray riding lawn mower

Murray riding lawn mowers have gone through a different a number of different phases as far as the public perception of this brand. Many buyers do have positive things to say about them, with many different favorable reviews.

However, some time ago, Murray issued a recall based on various manufacturer defects. Some of these defects were quite dangerous and involved fire hazards. With this in mind, you can guess that many consumers now think of Murray riding mowers as inferior quality products.

In contrast, of the available consumers who used and evaluated used a Murray riding mower, most of their reviews were actually quite favorable. Many buyers had good things to say about the performance and reliability of Murray riding mowers. And many were pleased with their purchase.

However, there were some who had plenty of complaints about them. Although, you could say that many of these people didn't maintain or operate them properly. But, since you can never be sure who is and is not biased, there is one thing to note: Most people who reviewed spoke positively about their Murray riding lawn mower in general.

Manufacturer response

Although Murray riding mowers have had their problems over the years, there have been continual upgrades by the manufacturer. These changes seemed to fix the problems that were encountered during the recall periods.

However, many consumers will always view a Murray riding mowers as poorly designed, shoddy merchandise. With this in mind, the rule to go by is caveat emptor.

How the Murray Riding Lawn Mower Stacks up to the Competition

Black murray riding lawn mower - best price

You'll find a large number of riding lawn mowers available by many different manufacturers in the marketplace. Murray riding lawn mowers have had a history of problems. And these problems make them less than desirable for many people who desire a quality machine.

To be honest, Murray riding mowers are not a good a quality machine when compared to many of the models that you'll find in the marketplace. There are definitely better makes and models of riding lawn mowers, with a wide variety of features.

However, if you do want an  inexpensive riding lawn mower that many people support despite the negative press, you may want to get yourself one of these machines and try it for yourself.

Murray riding mowers have overcome the obstacles of the recall period and made the necessary changes. Hopefully, their machines are now safer and of a better quality, overall. Most significantly, since they have made these changes, they haven't encountered the same problems.

Measuring up

If you want the best quality riding lawn mower in the world, you should definitely choose other than a Murray. Murray just doesn't compare to top models from major manufacturers that are of much higher quality in general. They do work for many people however, and they're quite affordable. And many positive reports indicate that they're a good value for the average homeowner.

You'll have to decide for yourself if getting a Murray riding mower is in your best interest. They're generally affordable and useful machines that people have gotten good use from. But there are definitely better models and makes out there that outshine Murray hands down.

Other Competitors

What We Think About the Murray Riding Lawn Mower

There are so many different opinions about the Murray lawn mower that it is hard to tell exactly what one could expect from owning one. It was a source of great concern that there was the recall issue for some time.

Since Murray took the steps necessary to rectify the issues surrounding their recalls, there has been an increased interest in the improved machines. Murray lawn mowers are not the most-loved machines among homeowners. Many people do not like them whatsoever, and to be fair, they have a point.

Murray riding mowers tend to break down quite easily, and they're not known for safety and reliability. Even though there are many people who are completely satisfied with their Murray riding mower.

Since there is such a mixed set of reviews for such a controversial product, we can't recommend the Murray riding lawn mower. We give it 3 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, we caution potential customers to evaluate Murray  mowers carefully.

You may want to contact Murray and see what changes they have made to make the riding lawn mower safer. You also may want to talk to people who have owned them and see what their experience has been. 

Purchasing a Murray riding mower

If you're still thinking about getting a Murray riding lawn mower, you may want to also take the time to consider other models. See what they have to offer before you do make any purchase. Murray riding lawn mowers are synonymous with junk to many people. So, we can't make a recommendation based on the general reputation of this product.

However, you're free to choose whatever you want to purchase as far as a riding lawn mower. But do be aware of what the reputation and realities of a Murray model may bring you. Also, be prepared for what could happen, or maybe not happen. 

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