Murray push mower

Think of the dream of home ownership. You have a house, a yard, and every now and again, that yard needs tending. You’ll need to care for your lawn with a good lawn mower, and a Murray push mower is one model you can choose to keep your grass maintained.

With all of the more well-known brands available, where does the Murray push mower fall in the ranking system for lawn mowers? We took one for a test through our system of qualifiers needed for a good lawn mower. Surprisingly, the results told us that you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

  • Name: Murray 11A-B2B6758
  • Weight: 69 pounds
  • Dimensions:  36.5 inches by 23.9 inches by 17.5 inches
  • Cutting width:  21 inches
  • Height options: 6
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Why Should I Purchase a Murray Push Mower?

Murray push mower

Sometimes, you don’t need all of the  extra features that come with a bigger name. Unlike the Murray push mower line, there are now mowers that eliminate much of the hassle associated with starting an engine and picking up clippings. By purchasing a Murray push mower, you will still need to pull on a cord while holding down the tab to start it up.

Murray hasn’t made their mowers with any bells and whistles in mind. They won’t massage your arms or play music while you cut the grass. However, they will get you a freshly chopped lawn that smells exactly like a summer morning should. And you’ll need an efficient engine to take care of grass that continues to grow.

You may be considering purchasing a new Murray push mower. However,  you need to know upfront that you won’t be getting the best of the bunch. They’re efficient, and they will take care of a simple lawn that doesn’t have much in the way of elevation shifts or sharp turns. Anything more complicated is going to require you to spend more.

Where Can I Buy a Murray Push Mower?

murray lawnmower

Murray understands that their line of push mowers is not going to compete with bigger and more popular names. And this is probably why you won’t find any of them at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Both of these stores tend to stock higher-quality devices in a prominent position.

If you head to Walmart, though, you’ll have no trouble finding Murray push mowers in stock. And thanks to the low prices, they fit right in with a discount store such as Walmart. You can also take a look at Amazon. Unfortunately, though, our last search didn’t turn up any available inventory. Amazon’s stock can fluctuate with its marketplace of third-party vendors. So, if you have your mind set on a Murray, you can always check the stock regularly.

How Much Should I Pay for a Murray Push Mower?

Walmart’s average cost for the Murray push mower we reviewed in this article is much lower than you'd expect. Best of all, you'll get the same low price in-store and on its website. However, note that Walmart often has online-only clearance sales. But either way, if you choose to purchase online, you can have the mower shipped to you for free. You’ll also have the option of delivering it right to the store, letting you stock up on anything else you might need once you pick it up.

How Does the Murray Push Mower Perform?

We know that the Murray push mower is value-priced, but how is that reflected in its performance? That’s what we are here to find out. We have several different factors that went into our review of the Murray 11A. And we looked at some of the same features as similar push mowers on the market. How does it handle speed, and does it cut corners in any place?

The short answer is that you’ll get what you pay for with this Murray push mower. It’s not going to win over anyone who wants the best mower on the market. We can, however, guarantee you’ll be fine with the purchase if you know what you’re getting.

Speed and turning

If you’re purchasing any new push mower, you’ll want to know how fast it moves. A lot of push mowers on the market make concessions with speed to lower the price of the entire mower. When this happens, you’ll find missed patches of grass all over the lawn. And these, of course, require a second run-through. Nobody wants to deal with this when their time is already limited.

The Murray push mower contains a reasonably powerful motor that won’t give you too many of these problems. Thanks to a bigger set of wheels on the rear end, you’ll be able to cut turns evenly and keep your gridlines in check on all of your lawn. The lawn mowers manufactured by Murray are all meant to cut down on any needed maintenance. So, you'll find it relatively easy to care for.

The Murray line of mowers

A Murray push mower is just one of many different products they manufacture for lawn care. Along with the 11A, the company offers around five different push mowers. All five are suitable for smaller lawns in an urban or suburban home. If you just need a once-per-week machine to care for your property, Murray might not be a bad option for you.

Murray does manufacture self-propelled mowers. These give you an extra boost of gas if you have some trouble pushing a heavy machine while navigating your yard. Even with a smaller area to cover, you might enjoy the added leverage when going uphill and mowing the grass. On top of all of these, Murray also makes riding mowers that allow you to look and feel like a professional. However, most of the time, these are better suited for bigger yards of an acre or more. They're also good for commercial properties needing a more industrial approach.

Finally, Murray also makes electric mowers, which plug into the wall or run on a battery. However, they're best suited to those with a minimal amount of grass to maintain. Battery operated as electric mowers run out very quickly on a battery. And corded models can limit the area to within distance of an outlet. So, if you are considering purchasing the Murray 11A, you likely have too much space to take advantage of an electric model.

Consistency in Murray

You’re not going to see the name Murray pop up as often as John Deere, Honda, or Toro. They don’t go out of their way to advertise. And you won't find their products prominently placed in the store. Furthermore, you’ll find their mowers in places such as Walmart or Target. They're bare-boned models, designed for the consumer who doesn’t have a big budget for lawn care and maintenance.

While they aren’t available at many retailers, we can tell you that buying a Murray push mower usually results in a span of reliability. All Murray mowers, including the 11a, come with a standard two-year warranty. And we have seen some of their models last well over 10 years without any notable issues. This makes them highly valuable when looking at their price. You can expect to pay a third of what you'd pay for a high-end model or big name brand lawn mower.

What Do I Need to Watch Out for when Buying a Murray Push Mower?

OK, we’ve told you about the positives about owning a Murray push mower. Now, we have to delve into the negative aspects of dealing with this company.

Customer service/availability

The Murray website is not exactly up to the standards of other push mower manufacturers. Dig into their links and you’ll notice that the United States does not seem to be their focal market. This isn’t a problem in itself, but not having the available resources needed for a customer service support system is a hassle.

The biggest problem pops up if you need to order replacement parts for a Murray push mower. Too often, we’ve found that trying to rely on their website is too much of a chore. Navigating the European marketplace to find a part needed for shipping to North America is a nightmare. It makes you feel that you’re better off just buying a new one. And that might be the impression Murray is trying to convey with its cheap line of products.

If you’re trying to find Murray products in an American store, you’ll also likely be out of luck. They keep a very specific list of authorized dealers. Surprisingly, the bigger stores you would expect don’t appear. Luckily, some online retailers usually have more availability if you need to replace a part for your Murray push mower.


Not long ago, Murray had to issue a massive recall on their plastic covering. Under a heavy amount of use, this could break and cause serious damage to the rest of your Murray push mower. While they took steps to correct this, it says something about their consistency and name value if they tried skimping on a essential part.

Apparently, Murray was allowing for potential accidents to happen. The machine lacked a solid framework. This means that the potential for someone to be injured by a stray piece of debris was significant. This is one of the main reasons for our final score on this Murray push mower. Even though a recall was issued, it’s the fact that Murray allowed this to enter the open market that really bothers us.

Metal or fiberglass should be and are used by other push mower manufacturers. It protects the user from dislodged pieces of rock or trees when mowing. At the very least, Murray now understands that this can’t happen again. So, hopefully, they won't be making cheap replacements in the future.

Another common issue we have seen is a total breakdown of the mower itself. This might be expected with an inexpensive Murray push mower. However, it’s not the sort of thing you want to deal with in the middle of lawn-mowing season.

More than likely, the issue you’ll come across is a stuck blade. This can occur after a heavy rain and you’re dealing with a lot of wet grass. However, in the case of the Murray mower, we ran into this issue even during a drought. You might also come across oil leaks, but most of the time, this is because you’ve simply put too much inside the tank.

What Kind of Engine Does a Murray Push Mower Use?

Although we have talked about the focus on the European market, the parts under the hood of a Murray push mower are American-made. You’ll find a Briggs and Stanton engine powering each mower. Briggs and Stratton has been in business for well over a century. They’ve also gone out of their way to reduce the amount of emissions put out by their engines.

You might also find Murray push mowers sold under the Briggs and Stratton name. Whichever name you find attached to the mower, you’ll enjoy a decent engine powering the machine.

Conclusion: Should I Buy a Murray Push Mower?

We were honestly torn on the idea of purchasing a Murray push mower, or any Murray mower for that matter. Usually, we like the no-frills approach to mowing a lawn. We reflect this philosophy in the Bolens unit we reviewed in the past. However, we know that not every homeowner has the time or dedication to analyze each mower, and that’s why a simple Murray review might come in handy.

Unfortunately, we just can’t look past the fact that a recall had to be issued for the shielding of debris. It’s one of the fundamentals of lawn mower design — keeping other people’s safety in mind. When you break it down, a push mower is a dangerous machine. It's capable of severely injuring someone in several different ways.

If you’re looking to save money on a push mower, there are plenty of other options available with more reputable brands. We would point you in the direction of Honda. Yes, it’s a step up in price from the Murray model. Or even check out the Bolens push mower we reviewed. Honestly, we would rather see you go home with something reliable and safe than something as cheaply made as a Murray push mower.

If you’re totally strapped for cash and need something to take care of the lawn, a Murray push mower isn’t the worst investment you can make. But, we believe your money could be better spent elsewhere.

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