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String trimmers are some of the most effective yard tools you can buy. They do a great job of keeping your lawn cleaned up and looking tidy. And Milwaukee string trimmer models boast a super reputation.

When choosing a string trimmer, one of the best companies to go with is Milwaukee. That's because they excel at making all sorts of tools that make your yard work experience much easier.

An efficient string trimmer helps you clean out any unwanted weeds or thick brush that might have built up on your property. And Milwaukee trimmers go far beyond the normal requirements, and that extra effort is what makes the products such a good purchase.

Milwaukee String Trimmers: The Top of the Line

Milwaukee is all about quality. The brand is known for their excellent tools, which they’ve been making for years, and their string trimmers follow that path.

We will outline two different Milwaukee string trimmers in this article, showing their excellent attributes and covering why they are some of the best yard tools you can buy.

1. 2725-20 M18 String Trimmer

Milwaukee 2725-20 Fuel String Trimmer (Bare Tool)
  • Made in China
  • Package length : 75.25"
  • Package width : 11.0"

The first of the two Milwaukee string trimmers is the 2725-20 M18. This model is a battery-powered machine that comes fully equipped. It features a plethora of different attributes to advance your string trimming needs.

First and foremost, it doesn't use gas. That is obvious with a battery-powered device, but it is important to make note of because it gives the machine a few extra bonuses that other models lack.

The battery platform is incredibly efficient, allowing you to switch and swap batteries with other tools in the M18 line. Though this won’t apply to everyone, it is a great feature to have for those who own any of the family’s 125 other tools.

That compatibility also means you can use any Milwaukee battery, from compact to high capacity, to charge the 2725-20.

The machine also comes with a 9.0 amp hour battery, which is more than enough juice to make sure this Milwaukee string trimmer never quits on you during duty.

All of that is then further complemented by the special Redlink Plus System. This feature connects the tool to the removable battery and charger.

Those different parts work with an advanced onboard chip that monitors and maintains the flow of power in the tool. This feature ensures you always achieve maximum safety and performance.

Speeds as High or as Low as You Need

As with so many other trimmers on the market, the 2725-20 has two distinct speed settings. Even if not unique to this model, both settings are still important to understanding how the Milwaukee string trimmer works and what makes it special.

Here, you can either set the 2725-20 to low (which will give you up to 4,600 RPM), or you can set it to high if you want to go up to 5,800 RPM. That range is important for people who need to handle different types of brush or grass.

You can set the device on low to handle simple or everyday projects. And the stronger setting is a perfect way to take down tough weeds or high grass.

Switching speeds is also quite simple. You can easily select the one you want through the variable speed trigger system. All you have to do is take your hand off the trigger, choose your desired mode, and then activate a new one.

Trim with Little Hassle

The next important feature when breaking down this Milwaukee string trimmer is the bump feed system.

All strings in trimmers, regardless of quality or make, will become frayed or break down over time. Every string eventually erodes, and that can lead to annoying problems or lower quality.

A bump feed system gets around that because you don’t need to open the trimmer head to extend the string. The process can always be activated by simply pressing the bump knob into the ground. You can even do this when the trimmer is on. That saves you time and keeps you working.

As an added bonus, the bump has a built-in metal ring. That prevents the bump action from wearing down parts as quickly as it would on plastic heads.

The 2725-20’s cutting diameter can be set to either 14 or 16 inches. You can also adjust the cutter to the inside or outside to only hit the length you want.

In addition, you have the option to completely remove the guard to get a wider cutting swath. While that's not recommended, it can be useful for those with a lot of trimming experience.

Soft Grip and Brushless Motor

There are many bonuses packed inside the 2725-20. Two of the handiest are its incredibly soft grip and the excellent brushless motor.

The grip is one of the most important attributes to this Milwaukee string trimmer. Not only does it make the device much easier to handle, it also allows you to work without hurting your hands.

The soft grip actively reduces vibrations, an extremely important feature for people who want to work without taking too much stress. So, it's great for those with tough weeds or grass as well.

That comfort comes from the standard tool overmold, which provides you with an incredible grip on the trigger handle.

Adding to the great features, the machine also comes with a Powerstate brushless motor.

As the 2527-20 is electric, it is important to have features that actively save energy. The brushless motor enables that with low energy consumption. Yet, it stills puts out a lot of cutting power.

This particular model has much more life than other similar designs, as well.

All the Power Without the Drawbacks

There is no doubt that the 2725-20 offers incredible performance. However, the machine doesn't stop there. As with most Milwaukee string trimmer models, it strives above and beyond normal expectations.

First, the package is quite lightweight for it's power and speed. It weighs just under 10 pounds. That, combined with its extra length, makes it easy to handle as you work it around tight corners. Taller people can also wield it without needing to bend forward or hunch over.

Sleek and durable, the device is also much quieter than you would imagine. Most robust machines cause quite the commotion. However, you won't find that the case here. Rather, you get a powerful device that you can use in any community without bugging your neighbors.

2. 2725-21HD M18 Fuel String Trimmer Kit

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The 2725-20 is an incredibly impressive machine, but Milwaukee does not stop there. They make many robust yard tools. And another example of that is the 2725-21HD M18 Fuel String Trimmer.

As with the 2725-20, this Milwaukee string trimmer is part of the M18 brand. That versatility to use it with other tools can be great for people who have such products in their home. That also slims down the number of chargers you need to own and helps save space and money.

To go along with that, the device is very strong for a trimmer and has the ability to tackle stronger brush. For that reason, this is particularly useful for people who have higher or tougher grass on their property. While it also does a good job on easier-to-handle lawns, the extra power is always nice to have.

In addition, you also get the great brushless motor to supply the device with power and save you energy in the long run. This increases motor life and gives you more power when you’re using it on tougher areas.

Unprecedented Trimming Performance 

This device has impressive specs as well. It comes with a 14 or 16-inch cutting swatch, as well as a line diameter of 0.080/0.095 inches.

That wide swath is particularly useful because it enables you to trim more grass in one pass than you can with other string trimmers. In that way, the device increases your overall productivity and allows you to work much more efficiently than you would with other models.

As this device is a Milwaukee string trimmer, it comes with the great performance noted in the 2725-20. Though it is slightly longer and heavier than similar models, that rarely slows you down or holds you back.

Equipped with a rear-positioned motor, the trimmer is easy to handle and control as you move. As a result, it has an incredible balance throughout that maximizes power and increases the overall feel.

Being able to fully maneuver the trimmer as you work helps it get to all of the tight areas you normally wouldn’t be able to work on or reach. In that way, the model has the power to go over tough, open yards, but it has the traits needed to work in smaller spaces as well.

It also is a bit longer than other Milwaukee string trimmers, allowing you to work in a comfortable position without needing to reach or bend down into tight spaces.

A Professional Tool, Inside and Out

Milwaukee string trimmers are known for their quality. Though that commonly refers to great aspects (like the ones covered above), it also shows through make and materials.

The 2725-21HD is a well-crafted machine that is made to last you for years. String trimmers, no matter how you use them, tend to stick around for a long time.  That's because the string, not the machine itself, that takes the brunt of the abuse.

Even so, working outside comes with its share of bumps and bruises. Accidents happen as well.

This device meets such problems head-on with a gold-grade interior and exterior. All of the parts on this device are top quality and ensure you’re making a worthwhile purchase.

Durability is always important but so is a clean look. Power tools don't always need to be aesthetically pleasing, but there is nothing wrong with preferring a good-looking tool.

Milwaukee gave the 2527-21HD a professional look from the handle down to the head. The red-and-black works well for a machine like this one. Both colors combine to create a premium device that will undoubtably pop in your garage or shed. 

Work as Long and as Far Away as You’d Like

As with the above model, the 2527-21HD is a cordless Milwaukee string trimmer. Going with a battery over more traditional options is not just better for noise, it also allows you to work across your yard getting tied to a single plug or outlet.

That extra freedom is perfect for people who find themselves working across bigger spaces.

It is easy to assume that batteries are not as strong as gas-powered or plug-in systems, but that is not the case here. Not only does the battery give you the freedom to roam around as you like, it reaches full throttle in less than a second as well.

A single charge also lasts an entire hour, which is more than enough time to get all your trimming done without needing to constantly stop and go back for more juice. The system powers up right away and goes until you’re finished.

Such reliability is then backed with a special total system communication between tool, battery, and charger that perfectly optimizes overall performance and creates built-in overload protection.

Though there is no doubt that this model goes for a higher price than similar string trimmers, but all of the premium features are worth it.

Nothing Cuts like a Milwaukee String Trimmer

Milwaukee is one of the premier modern string trimmer brands. The two models in this guide show what makes them so good at creating yard tools and why they stand above similar companies.

String trimmers vary in multiple ways. However, the 2725-20 and the 2725-21HD both give you everything you need to upkeep any lawn, no matter how big or small.

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Lawn and garden care is so much easier when you have the right tools for the job. You already dread waking up to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. Powerful tools like the Milwaukee string trimmer might make some of your chores a little easier to finish. Clearing thick brush is easier with a powerful 18-volt trimmer than manual tools. The work will look much cleaner than if you were using manual tools instead, too.

When it comes to doing lawn work faster, you can finish the job better. It’s easier to take time to look at details when you finish the bulk of the job in a matter of seconds. When choosing a string trimmer, cordless power is the way to go. It’s efficient and allows you to move freely around the yard. With a powerful battery pack behind you, it also delivers more power in a compact design. With so many great products to choose from it can be tough for you to narrow down your options, but that’s where research can help.

Furthermore, if you don’t understand the terminology, it’s even tougher to differentiate what manufacturers want to sell you. Why not make your life easier with the best power tools? And, why not choose those that won’t break the bank in the process? Let’s break down the best cordless string trimmers to make your Saturday morning lawn care a little more enjoyable.

About the Milwaukee String Trimmer: The M18 FUEL

With an 18-volt battery and a 14 to 16-inch clearing swath, the M18 string trimmer is an excellent find. The Milwaukee string trimmer features a bump feed system and operates with a lithium-ion battery. The cordless variety also makes it easier than ever to cut through thick bush and weeds in seconds.

A Milwaukee Powerstate battery delivers longer run time and power than traditional batteries. And the REDLITHIUM™ battery pack is exceptionally durable, meaning it won’t give out halfway through the job. A rear motor and gearbox ensure balance and durability in the design. The Redlink Plus Intelligence system monitors power delivery to maximize efficiency. It delivers maximum speed in under one second once the string trimmer is on. Overall, this string trimmer gets 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

String Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

In comparing string trimmers, consumers have to know what to look for in each product. Power, performance, and efficiency are only a few critical characteristics to consider. These are some of the factors that will dictate the purchase decision when buying a string trimmer.

Gas or electric?

Choosing the engine type is the first step in the decision-making process. Gas and electric string trimmers are the most common varieties. The Milwaukee string trimmer operates on battery power and is cordless. Gas trimmers are often more powerful and best for large yard spaces, such as commercial lawns. On the other hand, an electric string trimmer is efficient for residential yards. With cordless battery power, owners have even greater mobility when completing their yard work.

What’s your yard size?

Next, consumers should determine if they need a light, medium, or heavy-duty string trimmer. The size of the lawn and how quickly you want to finish the work will indicate the best fit. Light-duty trimmers are suitable for yards with grass and small weeds. Medium-duty is best for thick grass and weeds.

These trimmers also connect with other power tools to reduce how long it takes to complete yard work. For lawns that are two acres or more, or those with thick brush, a heavy-duty trimmer is suitable.

What features set a Milwaukee string trimmer apart from others?

There are several features to look for when comparing a Milwaukee string trimmer against other manufacturers. Some key traits consumers should look for include:

  • Straight vs. curved shaft (curved shaft design is ideal for tight areas)
  • A rotating head
  • Powerful cutting line
  • Cutting line feed options (bump, auto)
  • Starting aid (push-button start)
  • Single vs. dual line finish
  • Fast load lines and variable speed settings

How much is the M18 FUEL™ Milwaukee String Trimmer?

The Milwaukee string trimmer is available on various websites. Home Depot and TylerTool are a couple of third-party sites carrying the string trimmer. Depending on which of these or other websites consumers purchase it on, prices will vary. The cost is $175 to $300 for the string trimmer alone. However, consumers can also buy the string trimmer kit. Doing this will increase the price.

M18 FUEL™ String Trimmer pros and cons

Several characteristics set the M18 string trimmer apart from competitors products. First, this string trimmer is cordless, so it’s easy to mobilize around the yard and reach tight corners. It automatically accelerates in less than one second. The powerful battery lasts for up to one hour at the highest setting. It also has an 18-volt battery and ergonomic grip handle. This design makes it easy for owners to eliminate brush and weeds in no time. It has a variable speed trigger as well. Owners can adjust speeds for different areas they’re working around with the Milwaukee string trimmer.

Some drawbacks are worth mentioning about this model. It doesn’t have the best battery life compared to competitors. It operates for about one hour on a full charge. The string trimmer is heavy, too, so it might not be the most natural machine to use for those who aren’t in shape. Lastly, the bump feed system isn’t as fast as an automatic feed.

Comparing the M18 FUEL™ String Trimmer Against Other Cordless Trimmers

In comparing the Milwaukee string trimmer to competing products, we focused on several variables. Power, battery life, and usability around tight areas were three primary points of focus. We chose models that were lightweight and easy to maneuver. Additionally, we considered trimmers with a quick feed system. An ergonomic grip and instant acceleration were also crucial in our review. We include the price and average customer rating of each string trimmer in our analysis. Therefore, consumers can find the best string trimmer for their residential lawn care needs.

What Are the Best Cordless String Trimmers Available?

A Milwaukee string trimmer is an excellent option for outdoor lawn care. However, there are other top manufacturers to compare. These are a few to consider when choosing a new string trimmer.

Black & Decker EASYFEED™ String Trimmer/Edger

This 20-volt string trimmer by Black & Decker is powerful and efficient. It minimizes how much time homeowners are outside completing their lawn care chores. It’s also great for edging tight corners. The power drive transmission increases torque. It also features two-speed control to maximize battery life, and the cutting swath is 12 inches. This large base reduces the number of times you’ll have to go over the same area.

An EASYFEED system automatically refeeds the string with the push of a button. So no bumping is necessary to refeed the trimmer. It operates with the push of a button. A powerful lithium-ion battery runs for about one hour on a full charge. The trimmer has an adjustable height bar as well. So owners can adjust from trimming to edging easily. This product includes two lithium-ion batteries.

One Amazon reviewer likes how the string trimmer is lightweight and easy to operate. Also, with the adjustable height, they can easily adjust from trimming to edging without powering off the machine. Another reviewer wasn’t happy with their purchase. After only a few uses, the feeder didn’t operate anymore. It wouldn’t automatically feed the string through the trimmer during operation.

This Black & Decker trimmer is $80 to $100. The average rating is 4.2 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Worx WG170 GT Revolution String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

The Worx string trimmer includes two batteries and the charger. In other words, this product is ready to go out of the box. It has a 20-volt battery and features three-in-one flexibility. This design allows for edging, trimming, and even mini-mowing with a simple adjustment. There are a total of seven adjustable settings for the handle height. Owners can also adjust the blade setting to one of six rotating positions.

An innovative command feed spool allows for automatic string feeding. This design means less downtime and eliminates the need for owners to stop midway through the job. With two 20-volt batteries, you can always run and charge batteries simultaneously. There’s an adjustable spacer guard around the trimming edge. It protects flowers and ornaments around the yard. Furthermore, a telescopic shaft makes it easy to adjust height settings. And, the rubber grip creates an ergonomic base for optimal mobility and control.

Customers say it’s an excellent and innovative design. In one review, the customer claims it is powerful and efficient. The battery lasts about 40 minutes, allowing them to complete the entire yard on a single charge. The only minor drawback a reviewer indicates is the angle of the trimmer head. They suggest it doesn’t hold in place when moving around tight corners. This drawback requires them to adjust the trimmer’s head position frequently.

Consumers who choose the Worx trimmer will pay $100 to $125. The average rating is 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Dewalt DCST920P Max String Trimmer

With a 20-volt battery and brushless motor, the string trimmer is efficient and easy to operate. It features a dual bump feed line system. Additionally, it has a 13-inch cutting swath base. This size is easy to mobilize around large areas. It also reduces the number of times owners have to go over the same area. The unit has a variable trigger with speed control settings. It’s easy to adjust speeds when trimming or edging those hard-to-reach areas.

This trimmer features a patented gear drive design. It can achieve up to 6,000 RPM at max capacity. It’s lightweight and compact, allowing users to move through thick bush and weeds quickly. Weighing only 8.5 pounds, the trimmer makes completing lawn work quick and effortless. This Dewalt trimmer is easy to start with a push trigger design. The cordless design eliminates the need for gas, and minimizes the maintenance necessary to keep it running. It includes a limited warranty, too. Plus, it comes with one year of free service.

In a review, the customer indicates it only took about 30 minutes to charge the battery out of the box. On a full charge, it lasts approximately one hour. Additionally, the powerful battery is powerful and allows owners to complete trimming work in no time. Another reviewer, however, claims the three-year warranty isn’t as the manufacturer describes. They write that it does not cover issues with the motor.

DEWALT’s string trimmer runs for $120 to $200. The average rating is 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Greenworks 21302 G-MAX Cordless String Trimmer

This string trimmer has a 40-volt battery and 13-inch cutting swath. The gas- and cord-free design is efficient for working freely around the yard. It can achieve up to 9,000 RPM. It’s light and has an ergonomic grip handle. The string trimmer is also compatible with other Greenworks attachments, so owners can maximize efficiency when doing yard work with this series of products.

The battery and charger come with the string trimmer. It can trim up to half an acre or run for up to one hour on a full charge. Furthermore, it weighs under 10 pounds, which makes it easy to move around with when trimming brush and weeds. It has an automatic line feed system, meaning it doesn’t stop to refeed midway through the job. This trimmer has a four-position pivoting head design allowing owners to adjust it to the perfect angle.

One reviewing consumer likes how easy the trimmer is to operate. It’s lightweight, and the adjustable angle heads make it easy to reach tight edges and corners. Another reviewer, however, indicates there are many issues with the automatic feeder. It jams quickly minimizing efficiency. The reviewer also claims the design of the machine is flimsy in comparison to other manufacturers’ products.

The Greenworks trimmer is $100 to $150. The average rating is 3.6 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

What’s the Best Cordless Trimmer?

There are several cordless string trimmers residential consumers can select. If you want efficiency and maximum power, the Milwaukee string trimmer delivers just that. Its battery lasts about one hour on a full charge. The adaptive control also maximizes usability around the yard. In particular, its rotating head and shaft maximize usability around tight corners. The Powerstate motor and Redlithium battery packs also maximize battery life. It also automatically adjusts to meet your needs and power settings.

If you want something a little more affordable, the Worx trimmer is a great find. It charges quickly, and its battery life is similar to the Milwaukee trimmer. It has a rotating head and adjusts easily from trimming to edging. The telescopic head design also makes it easy for owners to change heights and blade settings. Of course, it’s cordless. Therefore you have full control and can move around the yard quickly to finish the job in no time.

Do you own a cordless trimmer? What kind? Let us know in the comments!

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