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Everyone loves a well-manicured lawn. And there's a certain a short-cut, crisp, clean appearance that some lawns have that others don't. That's because they've been cut with a reel mower. And one of the best values in reel mowers and a worldwide leader in the industry is the McLane reel mower.  

Perhaps you are wondering how certain lawns take on the appearance of a golf course or country club. Maybe you have no idea how you would make your own lawn look that way.

There are different types of lawn mowers that offer different results, and they're not all the same. The two basic types of powered lawn mowers are the rotary mower and the reel mower. Rotary mowers have a circular set of blades that cut the grass at an angle.

Reel mowers have a set of circular blades that run parallel to the grass. Reel mowers will cut grass much like a set of scissors — with meticulous care and precision. This leaves the grass looking much more well-kept. Best of all, it keeps it healthier in the bargain.

Let's take a look at what this reel mower offers you here:

The Mclane Reel Mower and How it Works

Mclane reel mower

The McLane reel mower is the Rolls-Royce of the reel mower world. It is an exceptionally high-quality piece of equipment. McLane designed it for those with discriminating taste who demand the best-looking lawns in the world.

They've constructed their reel mower from high-quality materials. And these machines are custom designed to provide excellent cutting similar to golf course or country club-type lawns.

The McLane mower comes in several different versions. You'll find gas-powered mowers of varying horsepower and a wide range of features. But some McLane mowers are manual, and you push them by hand. 

You'll find three versions of powered McLane reel mower models: One is 20 inches wide, another is 25 inches wide, and the third is 25 inches wide. But all three are suitable for professional use on golf courses or similarly well-kept greens.

Reel Rollers MCLANE 20"
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  • Results in a smoother lawn and cut

You'll find two different versions of the hand push mower, which is also quite effective. Although they're harder to use, they give you the same results that you would get from a powered mower.

All of these reel mowers create a well-manicured lawn that is sought after by many different people for their neat appearance. Indeed, it's these great-looking lawns that inspires most people to purchase reel mowers over a traditional rotary mower. Rotary mowers tend to rip the grass rather than shear it, making it appear quite ragged.

Some of the different features that you'll find in the powered versions of the McLane reel mower are:

  • Induction heat treated armor plate reel
  • Specialized bedknife
  • Equipped with Touch-a-Matic engine clutch controls for easy smooth operation
  • Roller Drive provides positive traction for stability
  • Wheels and reels feature ball bearings for flexibility
  • Unique diverter fins guarantee even clean grass loading
  • Pictures of high density polyethylene catcher
  • Chain and belt drive provide consistent and reliable results
  • Easy spin recoil starter
  • Complies with all federal safety standards
  • Perfectly suited for St Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grasses
  • Powered reel wheels
Mclane 1035 Reel Lawn Mower Roller Drive Tire Genuine Original...
  • This part is compatible with models including;...
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts...
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Craftsman,Mcclane


The McLane reel mower is known across the world as the premiere reel mower. It delivers outstanding precision lawn cutting results. The type of mowing performed by this reel mower is not typical of an ordinary mower at all.

The McLane mower is unique in several different ways. First of all, you should expect it to last a long time. Even a lifetime isn't unexpected. 

The combination of high quality materials that are used in the construction of the McLane reel mower mean that its reliability is unlike other reel mowers. There are many different reel mowers but not all of them can achieve the results of a McLane mower.

McLane reel mowers are excellent quality machines that give you professional results that can stand up to any any other reel mower. You won't find the same features and quality in another brand of reel mower. 

McLane 1060 Reel Mower 19-1/2-Inch x 1/2-Inch Clutch Belt
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Make no mistake, McLane reel mowers cost quite a bit more than many models of reel mowers in the general marketplace. The quality construction of the McLane reel mower creates the necessity for a higher price.

On the McLane website, you will find prices start from $$$ and rise up to $$$ for the highest end models that they offer. The more expensive models tend to be used for professional golf courses and Country Club lawns.

McLane reel mowers are not inexpensive and although you can probably purchase a used one for less money than you would directly from the manufacturer you would not get a guarantee that is provided by McLane.

You may be able to find deals on a McLane lawn mower by searching on websites such as eBay and Amazon and others. There's always bargains for all merchandise offered in the general marketplace to be found.

Generally, you are going to have to accept that McLane mowers are going to set you back much more than a standard rotary mower that is an exceptionally high quality such as a Toro or other major brand.

The McLane reel mowers create a certain effect for a lawn, creating a meticulous sculpted look and appearance that you will have to pay a pretty high price for in most cases. If you shop around your local area for top models you may be able to find a good deal on a McLane lawn mower that is in great shape for a lot less than you would pay straight from the manufacturer or online.


There are a wide variety of opinions about McLane reel mowers and the McLane brand in general. Many people really love McLane reel mowers and have used them for years without any issues whatsoever. Some people claim that they cut too close to the ground or have other issues that they have reported.

On the positive side of things, McLane mowers have developed a following amongst many homeowners for their quality and performance. Some people have claimed that they have used them for years and have created golf course quality lawns as a result of using them.

There is a mixture of opinions about McLane lawn mower that makes it difficult to form a general statement about the public's perception of this brand. It could be said that for some people this is an ideal reel mower for specific purposes such as creating meticulously manicured lawns.

The McLane reel mower is not for everyone it is not intended to perform the same as a rotary mower would in any set of circumstances. Therefore, the people who stand by McLane mowers are looking for a specific look for their lawn, yet for those people who do, you will find a loyal group of followers.

There are a number of online forums devoted to lawn mowing and some are geared just towards McLane reel mowers specifically. You can find all kinds of post made by those who love the McLane mower and tell of its many wonderful features at great length.

There are other people at on these forums that we reviewed who give you directions on how to perform adjustments that can be tricky for many people. Even directions for modifications to the original equipment with special parts can be found on such forums.

The McLane mower is loved by many different people due to the precision cutting that it provides, specifically a low to the ground cut. The people who use this mower for these purposes have formed an almost cult-like following and are very meticulous about their praise for this quality reel mower.

How it Compares to Other Reel Mowers

McLane reel mowers are known throughout the world as the top of the line when it comes to reel mowers. Those people who do you use McLane reel mowers are a loyal bunch and often use them over other mowers for life.

There are other reel mowers that are either powered or not powered that do a pretty good job overall, but many of them are quite fragile in comparison to a McLane reel mower. The McLane reel mower handle roots and gravel effectively, unlike most other models of reel mower.

There is a lot of competition and the world of lawn mowers in general, but reel mowers are only made by a few different companies overall. It is known throughout the industry that McLane offers the best reel mower that you can find.

McLane reel mowers are one of a kind, there is not another comparable model as far as quality and general performance are concerned. There are other models that do an effective job similar to what a McLane reel mower will do, however, but you won't get the same exact manicure and results that you would with a McLane lawn mower with another brand.

The precision in cutting grass that is offered by McLane reel mower is hard to match with other comparable models. McLane just has a well-built construction that lasts for many years, unlike other mowers which tend to break down much sooner.

Some people really want a high-quality high-end reel mower that is going to last for a lifetime with routine maintenance. They want a certain type of perfection when it comes to maintaining their lawns, and a certain look for their grasses. These people tend to end up with a McLane mower at some point and seldom switch to another brand after that.

Our Verdict: What We Think About the Mclane Lawn Mower

There are so many different mowers on the market place today that offer a great number of features and perform quite well. However, nothing is quite as exceedingly excellent when it comes to performance and quality as a McLane reel mower.

These mowers are known throughout the industry and consumers alike as the best reel mower that money can buy. The fact that they last basically the lifetime of the owner with routine maintenance, of course, points to the fact that this is a mower built for more serious people.

Those who do use McLane reel mowers often boast of them and their lawns are the talk of the neighborhood as far as neat appearance and attractiveness are concerned. People become envious of those who own a McLane lawn mower and the results they get for their lawns.

Not everyone knows about McLane reel mowers either or the results that you can get similar to a golf course appearance. Those who do however seem to be hooked for life on these wonderful machines and will not settle for anything less.

Although they cost quite a bit more than ordinary mowers there is a real reason for this, your lawn will look like something out of a dream and will be much healthier to boot.

Due to the fact that so many people love these machines and they're the gold standard amongst reel mowers worldwide, we heartily recommend these machines with a 5 out of 5-star rating.

If you have been considering getting a reel mower it is doubtful you will find a better model of reel mower at any price that does anywhere near the job that you can get done with a McLane mower.

You owe it to yourself to check out McLane reel mowers further if you are seriously in the marketplace for a new reel mower. The fact that they last a lifetime with very little maintenance makes the initial expense just a serious investment. And, getting the best appearing lawn in the world is well worth it to anyone without a doubt.

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