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It is a very fast world. People no longer have sufficient time to take care of the lawn in the yard. Hence, it is crucial for every family to purchase an efficient lawn dethatcher. If you want to buy one, you may go for the VonHaus 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher Scarifier & aerator. It contains many amazing built-in features. Go through the following discussion to know about them.

Vonhaus Lawn Dethatcher Scarifier and Aerator

Corded Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator

It is a 2 in 1 corded dethatcher and aerator which will help you remove the thatch easily from the lawn and improve the circulation of air. As a result, the lawn will become healthy and tidy. You will not have to spend time and efforts in removing the thatches, moss, and other debris from the lawn. The dethatcher is both fast and efficient.

Two Interchangeable Rollers

VonHaus Lawn Dethatcher comes with an interchanging aerating roller and dethatching roller. Hence, you can change the rollers based on the nature of the job in hand. If you want to penetrate the surface of the lawn to clean the embedded thatches and debris, you should go for the dethatching roller. It will improve the nutrient and moisture absorption capacity of the lawn. The aerating roller is suitable when you desire to improve the air circulation and make the lawn healthy.

Adjustable Working Depths

The VonHaus Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator contain four adjustable working depths. It has a very cool feature that offers the flexibility to the users. It lets you get the desired finish on your lawn. First of all, you have to determine the desired length of the lawn and adjust the working depth accordingly.

High Power Motor

VonHaus Lawn Raker is powered by a 12.5 Amp motor. So, it is a very fast machine. It can work fast for a long period. Some lawn rakers’ motor becomes overheated which heats up the blades. As a result, the lawn becomes damaged. A 12.5-Amp motor has the capability to work fast for hours without becoming overheated.

Availability of Safety Switch

It comes with two-pint safety start switch. As a result, you will have to press on two different switches to run the machine. Consequently, it will not be possible for the children to run the machine and get injured. So, it is a family friendly lawn dethatcher & aerator.

Adjustability of Handle

The handle of the VonHaus 2 in 1 corded dethatcher and aerator is easily adjustable. Adjustability of the handle is necessary for any machine. It will allow you to set the height of the handle according to your height and comfort. The 16-inch power cord adds to the adjustability of the handle.

Easy to Handle

The weight of VonHaus electric 2 in 1 corded dethatcher Scarifier and aerator are only 36.8 pounds. Therefore, the machine is easy to handle. You will be able to move around easily with the device. It is also steerable and reversible. Hence, you will enjoy less strain and more productivity.


The VonHaus 2 in 1 corded lawn dethatcher & aerator is environment-friendly because it does not run on fuel. It does not emit carbon dioxide which may harm the nature. So, buying such eco-friendly machines, we can contribute to the environmental protection. As it requires electricity to operate, it replaces the need for expensive gas and oil which are non-renewable.

Vonhaus Lawn Dethatcher and Aerator 8


The pros of the machine are as follows:

  • 12.5A Extremely powerful motor
  • The blade is easy to clean
  • The two-year warranty is amazing
  • It offers higher value at lower cost
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • 15” working width
  • 5 working depths
  • It has 45L collection bag
  • The user instructions are easy to comprehend and helpful.


The cons of the machines are as follows:

  • The thatch bag is small. You have to eject it frequently from the device to remove the debris.
  • The dual button mechanism creates problems when you have to stop the machine often.
  • The aerator is not as efficient as the dethatcher.
  • The price of the item needs further consideration.


Considering the above discussion, the VonHaus Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator is worth purchasing. Although it has some disadvantages, the advantages exceed them. I already own one and satisfied with the performance of the machine. I hope to get quality service for a longer period.

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