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The Top 8 Expert Lawn Care Tips You Should Know

Nothing quite comes on a silver platter. Everything we get must come from something we did or didn’t too, the same applies to keeping our homes beautiful. For your home to look pretty all year round, you need to stay committed to taking the best care of it. Mowing the lawn is one way to do so. But that’s not all, there are many ideal lawn care tips that you could practice if you intend to keep your lawn looking awesome. Here are some that we chose for you today.

Have a Regular Maintenance Plan

The most important practice for a great lawn is to have a proper maintenance and care plan. It is important to keep the lawn awesomely maintained throughout the year. Prepare your lawn for winter, summer, and other seasons all through the year. Here are some simple lawn care tips that will help you with that.

  • Mowing the Lawn
  • Wedding flower and wish gardens
  • Edging the border of your lawn grass
  • Cleaning off the driveway and other surfaces
  • Removing dead winter growth and fallen debris
  • Mulching, cleaning the yard during the fall for winter

Have the Right Type of Lawn Grass

Many lawns are composed of grass. While some could have shrubs, perennial plant/ flowers, or flower pots, many lawns prefer grass as opposed to so many other things. Good lawn grasses will impact the growth patterns, drain, and grass roots systems. When choosing the right type of grass, consider climate and soil type. Here are the two major types of grasses that you could go with.

Cool Season Grasses – grasses that grow best in the fall, winter, and partly early spring. They include the bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and wheat grass among others. They can be easily trimmed using a lawn dethatcher.

Warm Season Grasses – These grasses are for late spring and during the summer. They include the buffalo grass, Bermuda, zoysia, and the St. Agustine grass. They are also easy to dethatch especially when nearing the winter.

Find the Best Height To Mow Grass

Experts say that when the temps rise, so should your grass. Therefore, keep to the expert lawn care tips, never remove more than one-third of the grass blade when trimming your grass. You don’t want to mow too low and open up the canopy of your grass. Doing so will increase weed infestation and hinder the lush growth of your lawn. Here are a few mowing tips to keep up with.

  • Use the right lawn mower
  • Follow mowing instructions carefully
  • Cut off one-third of the grass blade height each mowing
  • Don’t mow in the same direction every time you do so
  • Mow the lawn only when the grass is dry/ not wet
  • Always clean your mower’s blade to keep them sharp before use.

Test Your Soil to Know Your Soil Type

Another one of the best lawn care tips that you should keep in mind is to test your soil for the right texture, PH, and more. You must determine the amount of sand, silt, or clay present in your soil.

Sandy soil creates soil that drains quickly, silt is medium soil particles, while clay is the smallest and is smooth when dry and sticky while wet – holds a lot of water. Knowing all these about your soil helps you to maintain the lawn soil properly. Find an expert to do the job for you.

Water Your Lawn Appropriately Always

Many homeowners do not know this. Every morning they water their lawn the same old way. That’s not cool. You can save so much money and time with proper lawn watering skills. You don’t want too much water or very little amounts on your lawn. Here are some helpful watering techniques that you could use on your lawn.

  • Water deeply. Do it infrequently. It is better than light frequent watering.
  • Water in the coolest parts of the day. Early morning and late evenings.
  • Do not water during the hottest part of the day. Your water evaporates fast.
  • Don’t water so much into the night this will attract mildews and fungus.

Make Sure Your Fertilize Your Lawn Too

For a lush, green, and healthy lawn all year round you should fertilize your lawn. However, each type of grass demands different amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for the perfect growth. Phosphorus is, in fact, essential for root growth. It also increases the size of the grass and improves the plant’s vitality. Choose the right fertilizer for your type of grass. And follow the correct fertilization schedule that’s ideal for your type of grass.

Invest In a Good Lawn Dethatcher/ Spreader

If your lawn is huge, you should invest in a good lawn dethatcher for dethatching purposes or lawn spreader for that matter. Pushing small sized spreader is often very tiring and time-consuming. A good spreader should have a large handle, pneumatic wheels, and an edge guard among other things. A lawn dethatcher, on the other hand, should have large tires for easy movement and adjustable handle. Visit the best hardware to find out what type of equipment you could get on the cheap.

Keep Mulching and Aeration on the Care List

Mulching and aeration of the lawn are some of the best lawn care tips that you could practice today. They are important for winter preparations and will make sure that your lawn remains safe and unaffected by the cold temperatures of the winter. A lawn dethatcher is very important for aeration and mulching needs. You should make sure that you follow the right procedures when doing these two.


It is important to do all these. You can also recycle grass clippings, control the growth of weeds, get rid of the thatch, control insects and outdoor pests, watch out for lawn grass diseases, invest in organic lawn care, prune your trees and shrubs, and over-seed your lawn among other cool lawn care tips that you could learn.

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