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Too much of a good thing can ruin your idea of what a product should be. You’ll hear about the power of a new gadget, but the hype ruins it. How could something advertised as being this powerful actually deliver on its promises? Have you felt the same way about the EGO leaf blower? 

We looked at the EGO Power+ 575 cordless blower, and we’re here to tell you that the hype is real. If you’re looking for a cordless electric EGO leaf blower that can hold its own against a backpack model, you’ll be happy with what we found.

  • Name: EGO+ 575 CFM
  • Weight: 4.88 pounds
  • Battery weight: 5 pounds
  • Noise level: 88 dB
  • Air speed: 142 mph
  • Warranty: Five years (limited)

What Makes an EGO Leaf Blower So Great?

EGO leaf blower

The EGO lead blower line is an advanced range of yard tools that aims to make your job much easier. Whether you have an enormous estate lined with trees or a small sidewalk with a few bushes, their line of leaf blowers is designed for power. After a while, you won’t even notice the fact that they're electric and not gas-powered.

The advantage of an EGO leaf blower is the interchangeable battery that jumps between different tools. Whether you’re using a chainsaw, lawnmower, or string trimmer, you can take the same EGO battery and transfer it. If you’re working with a full charge, you might be able to do trimming and leaf blowing all in one session.

Since the EGO leaf blower doesn’t use any gas, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in the noise level. Gone will be the days of waking up your neighbors with the unmistakable sound of yard work from a mile away. Along with this, you aren’t contributing any pollutants to the environment. And best of all, you won’t harm yourself with the fumes emanating from a gas-powered machine.

Where Is the Best Place to Find an EGO Leaf Blower?

The Home Depot is an authorized dealer of EGO, and one of the official carriers of all their products. You can also check EGO's website to determine if you have a smaller hardware store near you that stocks its products.

A certain number of EGO products are available through Amazon. You should be sure to check their inventory to see who is selling each EGO leaf blower to ensure that it comes from a reputable vendor. There may be offers for free shipping, which will save you quite a bit of the cost of a leaf blower. After all, the EGO weights about 10 pounds in shipping weight, and that adds up fast when postage and handling fees are applied.

How Much Does an EGO Leaf Blower Cost?

From what we found, the average cost of a brand-new EGO 575 ranges pretty broadly. It really depends on where you shop. However, if  you look on eBay, the Amazon marketplace, or another third-party vending sites, you might see some price reductions. But always be sure to look into the history of the seller to find out if you can trust them. 

What Can I Expect from an EGO Leaf Blower?

EGO leaf blower close-up

The EGO 575 sounds incredible on paper, but does it hold up in its actual performance? That’s what you’re here to find out. We ran the EGO leaf blower through the gauntlet to ensure that everything we printed was accurate and true. Then, we’ve divided the review into several relevant sections. In that way, you'd understand each aspect of what makes a leaf blower valuable and efficient.

So, let’s move on to our review and see how this leaf blower stacks up to the competition.


One of the most powerful leaf blowers we have seen in the past was by Stihl. This is a gas-powered leaf blower that could handle speeds of up to 154 mph. Most importantly, it was a beast that has set the standard we use to measure all future leaf blowers. And we also have experience with a Husqvarna capable of pushing up to 170 mph.

This is all well and good, but the main factor we want to look at with an EGO leaf blower and all others is the cfm, or cubic feet per minute. The air speed doesn’t matter when you know what to properly measure with cfm. After all, you’ll get more out of a volume measurement than what you would with speed.

This EGO leaf blower is capable of handling 530 cfm. Typing that sentence is outrageous for us when you consider that the two blowers we mentioned in this section are gas-powered while the EGO is electric. In fact, you can find backpack leaf blowers that don’t push the amount of energy packed into this EGO leaf blower. To say we were impressed is one of the larger understatements we have ever printed.

In terms of raw power, the EGO 575 is unmatched by any other electric blower that we have seen. And we might even search for the missing gas tank after putting this one through another round of testing.

Air speed and volume

If you want to give your air speed a boost, you can always apply a nozzle to the end of the tube on your leaf blower. EGO announced plans for this for the 575. What you won’t be able to do is increase the actual amount of air that the blower can push. Not with add-ons or modifications. This is measured by other parts of the leaf blower, such as the motor, powertrain, fan, and just how much actual air can be sent through the tube.

We’re talking about 530 cfm here, and the 575 does this through the most efficient design possible on a handheld, cordless leaf blower. Sure, air speed is great to figure out how easily you can push some of those clumping leaves. It will tell you how much debris you can move even when stuck to the pavement. It’s the cfm measurement, though, that actually tells you how well you can move your piles.

With everything that EGO has planned, we don’t see anyone overtaking them in this department. The potential for an even more powerful EGO leaf blower has us wondering what they could possibly think of next.

Speed and volume/noise measurements

So, looking at the actual settings on the EGO leaf blower, you can choose from three different options:

  1. Low: 50 mph, 260 cfm, long run time
  2. High: 85 mph, 430 cfm, medium run time
  3. Turbo: 110 mph, 530 cfm, short run time

Altogether, the EGO 575 is capable of putting out over 16 Newtons. We won’t get into the exact math of what makes up a Newton. But, trust us when it means this EGO leaf blower packs a punch and spends time in the gym.

As for the amount of noise generated from the EGO leaf blower, the settings give you the amount of noise seen below:

  1. Low: 72 dB
  2. High: 85 dB
  3. Turbo: 91 dB

While your neighbors are still going to be able to hear the leaf blower, you won’t risk ruining your own hearing. Not even with prolonged exposure to using most of the settings. And if we’re dealing with straight numbers, you could feasibly put it on Turbo and still run it for hours with no need for earplugs. However, this isn’t to say you should skip ear protection if it makes you feel more comfortable.

You also won't need to worry about potential employees and complying with OSHA. The EGO leaf blower will keep you out of the woods with any legal worries. You can issue this to any worker and give them a set of earplugs just in case. Your usual eight-hour shift won’t be a problem if any of your landscapers or yard workers wield the EGO 575.

Extra features and handling

While a previous model of the EGO leaf blower contained two speeds with a Turbo button installed, this brushless model makes some slight adjustments. You still have a Turbo button to make you feel overpowered while the speeds are changed with a slider. There’s no switch to turn it on — you just slap in a battery, pull the trigger, and you’re good to go.

Once you pull the trigger, you’ll start out with whatever setting the slider is using. You won’t have to worry about accidentally pushing the Turbo button with its location, as it’s definitely well off the path of the slider.

Also, you’ll notice the comfortable feeling of the rubber molding when using the handle with the Ego 575. However, if you prefer to attach a harness or shoulder strap, you can use the metal mount to distribute the weight more evenly. This is going to help if you’re using the biggest possible battery with the EGO leaf blower.

Speaking of batteries, you have five different options for loading the EGO 575. As we stated before, these are interchangeable batteries that you can apply to other EGO products with no extra effort. There are five different power levels for this battery, incrementally increasing from 2.0 Ah to 7.5 Ah. Note, however, that the more powerful the battery’s capacity, the longer it will need to charge and the heavier it will feel.

Test driving

We ran the EGO leaf blower through several drills before we came away with a pretty amazing impression — or lack thereof. Even with industrial gloves, we have become used to the numb feeling of our hands once we get finished using any kind of leaf blower. And for the first time in forever, we didn’t have this sensation. The motor and fan assembly have been redesigned to ensure that we don’t experience that same annoyance. It’s pretty amazing that we can now feel ourselves putting the blower down when finished.

Then, we talked about the specs of the power, but to actually see it in action is just as amazing. Once you hammer that Turbo button, you might feel like you’ve activated a special power in a video game. You’ll need to control the EGO leaf blower a bit more to prevent your shoulder and arm from going with it. It’s a nice feature to have, but don’t overdo it, as you’ll wear yourself out before the job is done.

Any landscaper worth their weight in leaves knows that full power shouldn’t be necessary to get the job finished. For a majority of the time, low and medium settings are more than enough to take care of anything under the power of the EGO 575. So, keep your use of the Turbo setting in check, and only utilize it when you’re at a particularly stubborn stack of debris that won’t come off the ground.

You’ll be able to use the EGO leaf blower non-stop for almost 20 minutes on high if you don’t turn on Turbo at any point. Using the boost brings that time down to about half, and you’ll get a heck of an upper body workout if you use up all 10 minutes.

Should I purchase the EGO 575?

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man holding a leaf blower

If you want a new leaf blower, stop what you’re doing. Then, go buy the EGO 575. It’s a revolutionary product that puts gas-powered blowers to shame. But in this case, you won’t be contributing any harmful emissions to the environment. Even more, you can choose between a number of different batteries. Plus, you can swap these batteries between other EGO products in your garage or shed.

The EGO leaf blower we have reviewed looks amazing, sounds awesome, and it works faster and harder than anything previously released by EGO. If you are considering making the switch from a gas-powered leaf blower to an electric, this is the one that will push you over the edge in your decision. You’ll be amazed at the power behind this EGO leaf blower and just as blown away (no pun) by the consistent performance once you get it out of the box.

To sum it up, the EGO 575 is your new best friend when you need leaves and debris cleared. You can be confident in using this in your own home or issuing it to your landscaping employees. It gets our highest recommendation.

EGO Leaf Blowers Available for You

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