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Changing the lawn mower oil is one of the most basic care and maintenance practices of a lawn mower. What many people don’t know is that how to change lawn mower oil is not only one of the simplest DIY practices that require very limited technical know-how but also the most important in achieving the best lawns. In fact, it is something you can do on your own or you can get help from an authorized service dealer.

Why Learn How to Change Lawn Mower Oil?

The reasons why it is important to learn how to change lawn mower oil are many. However, the most fundamental ones include the following.

  • It can extend the life of your lawn mower – Just like a car, your lawn mower needs regular care and maintenance. And just like the car that you drive, this means that changing your lawn mowers oil is of the utmost importance to keep it running as it should. When you do this you allow fresh and more importantly clean oil to run through your motor. When you give the motor a fresh set of fluids to work with, you will avoid any unnecessary issues like grime buildup.  It is this grind buildup that keeps your motor from running into issues and failing you. As you continue to regularly maintain your lawn mower by changing the oil, you will notice the overall longevity in the performance of your lawn mower.
  • It prevents many unnecessary mechanical break downs – As we just mentioned, regular upkeep will keep you from having to deal with unnecessary and more importantly avoidable mishaps with your lawn mower. As you regularly change your lawn mower’s oil, the overall life of the motor and all the moving parts will be extended. 
  • It improves the efficiency by which the mower performs – As you take care of your lawn mower’s engine, you will be simultaneously allowing your engine to work more efficiently and effectively. All the moving parts in your lawn mower’s engine need the proper lubrication in order to work the best way it knows how to. When you replace your lawn mower’s  oil reserves, you give it fresh new fluid that allows it to work like new.

change lawn mower oil

What Methods Can You Use to Change Mower’s Oil?

There are two ways in which a lawn mower owner can remove/ change lawn mower oil. These two types are easy and anyone can learn them.


The siphoning or pumping method uses a pump to remove the oil directly through the oil fill tube. In turn, it will deposit the oil into the appropriate container.


Whichever method you choose to use when changing your lawn mower’s oil, you want to make sure that you are working on it in an environment that you do not mind getting dirty. If you work on a  driveway, made out of white s cement, then you risk having obvious stains accumulate on your driveway. Even if you work on a darker driveway, these oil stains can still be a stubborn pain in the butt. Some ideal options to consider include a secluded corner in your yard or a designated space in your driveway. You may even want to consider using a tarp underneath just as a precaution to avoid getting oil in places you don’t want it to be. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Lawn Mower Oil

Lawn mower oil should be changed at least once in a month. If you choose to change your lawn mower oil here is a step by step guide on how to go about it.

Step I: Run Engine Until Warm

Both methods work best if the oil is warm. Therefore start out by running your engine for quite some time. This is an extremely important practice on change lawn mower oil always.

Step II: Set Mower on a Flat Surface

The flat surface will ensure that the mower is leveled. Once you have warmed it up. If you want to use the tilt method run the mower until the fuel is out. Then spread a few old newspapers to catch any oil that could spill.

Step III: Remove the Spark Plug Wire

You will remember that removing the spark plug wire prevents the mower from starting out by mistake. It is also an important practice when changing a mowers blade. Remove the wire and secure it.

Step IV: Clean the Area Around the Oil Tank

Cleaning the area around the tank ensures that there are no debris, dust, dirt particles, and small objects that could drop into the oil tank and clog the oil filter or cause other mechanical problems.

Step V: Remove the Dip Stick

This is simple. Just pull out the dip stick. The dip stick is usually used to determine the oil levels in the tank. Put the dip stick on a clean rag to prevent it from catching any forms of dirt/ debris.

Step VI: Prepare to Drain the Oil from Tank

If you are going to use the siphon method find the right pump to use. The pump should support siphoning. Then insert the siphon tube in the dipstick tube until it reaches the bottom of the oil tank. Maintain the other end of the deposit container. Wait as the pump sucks the used oil out. Siphon out the oil by manipulating the pump handle manually.

If you are going with the tilt method you should place a container designed to catch and store used up oil under the dip stick tube. This will drain the oil out. However, ensure that you tilt the mower away from the filter/ carburetor. This prevents the filter from becoming contaminated. Carefully tip the mower in the direction of catch container to trap/ remove oil.

Step VII:  Return the Mower to Original Position

Do this only if you were using the tilt method to remove oil from the mower. Allow the mower to rest on its wheels. If you are using the siphon method, just remove the siphoning tube.

Step VIII: Clean the Spillage

If there is any oil that spilled during this process you should clean it up before jumping onto this next step.

Step IX: Refill the Mower with Clean Oil

Check the manufacturer’s manual to find out what type of oil and how much of it is required for the mower. If you had known this already you can go ahead and fill your mower with the recommended amount and type of oil.

Step X: Allow the Oil to Settle Down

Allow the oil to settle for two minutes tops. Recheck the oil levels to find out if it is on the right levels. Use the manufacturer’s instruction on how to change lawn mower oil to do this perfectly.

Step XI: Clean Up the Work Area

Clean up the work area. Clean also the spillage. Make sure the mower is sparkling. Properly dispose of the old newspapers. Keep them far away from children’s reach. Seal up the catch container too.

Step XII: Replace the Dip Stick

Now with the oil levels confirmed, you can replace and tighten the dip stick. Don’t forget to do that as it can be quite disastrous. Keeping the dip stick on a clean rag will help you to notice it.

Step XIII: Re Attach the Spark Plug Wire

Simply unsecured the spark plug and re attach it. There after you can reconnect your lawn mower to the power source to confirm that it works well/ efficiently.


Many people cower at the thought of how to change lawn mower oil. There are even those who do not trust themselves to do it so they end up taking it to a service person who can change the oil for them. While these concerns are totally legitimate, there is no reason why every single male and female out there should not be able to change their lawnmower oil all on their own. With that being said, we hope our review of how to change your lawn mower’s oil has been helpful and beneficial in giving you not only the skills to use but also the confidence to do it too. The good news is, once you change your lawn mower’s oil for the first time, you will likely feel so much more confidence in yourself that you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. When this happens, you will be well on your way to being able to maintain your lawn mower all on your own.

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