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If you want to have the best lawn in your home, you must find the best grass to put down in your yard. The best grass comes from the best grass seeds. There are many types of grass seed. However, the type of seed that you choose will depend precisely on many factors including the following.

  • The type of climatic conditions that you experience.
  • If your area is prone to weeds, pests, or shady areas.
  • The type of lawn soil that you have amended for use.
  • The care and maintenance routine that you can afford.
  • The timing that you need when you want to plant seeds.

Even so, when choosing the best types of grass seed the very first thing you need to think about is whether you need cool or warm season grasses.

best types of grass seed

The Best Types of Grass Seeds

There are many ways that you can look at grass seeds. You can look at them by their grass types such as Bermuda grass seeds, St. Agustine grass seeds, or Buffalo grass seeds and so on.

However, if you look at it carefully you will find that all these grasses fall under specific categories especially when categorized under cool and warm seasoned grasses. Therefore it is wise to go with a more inclusive scope as follows.

Cool Season Grass Seed

Cool season grass seeds are the best types of grass seed for cooler weather. They bring forth cool season grasses. They can also tolerate some heat. It’s are suited for the fall, spring, and also winter especially for such areas in the Southern Regions of the US.

With the exception of the coldest winters cool seasoned grass seeds will do well and even continue growing with when covered by snow. The cool seasoned grass seeds will, however, do well if planted in the fall. This allows them to take root before cruel winter.

Amongst the best cool seasoned grasses and grass seed are the more specifically following types of grasses?

Kentucky Bluegrass –It has a fine appearance and an all-around tolerance.

Perennial Rye Grass– Ryegrass provides excellent cover in high traffic areas (good for northern golf courses).

Tall Fescue Grasses – Such as Kentucky 31 (drought- and heat-resistant) ideal for warmer areas.

One thing to remember is that cool seasoned grasses are not necessarily cold seasoned grasses. Cool will spread through to a bit warmer areas and into the cold winter temperatures always.

Warm Season Grass Seed

Comparing the two, warm seasoned grass seed will give forth grass types that are highly tolerant to the high heat of the summer. They are also very drought resistant. The best warm season types of grass seed will do well if your lawn experiences extended periods of browning and drying in winter.

At such a time it is best advised that you seed using warm-season grass seeds. This will be very important so that the moment the temperatures become ideal all the seeds will begin to germinate. Here are a number of examples that you can go with across the winter prone US states.

Buffalo Grass Seeds – This is one of the native US turfgrasses.It originates from the west of the Mississippi. It provides a fine, curly leaf. It is mainly found in the semi-arid regions of Texas and also in the Southwest regions too.

Bermuda Grass Seeds – These are very durable. They require little maintenance. They are highly tolerant to drought conditions.Because of this Bermuda seeds/ grass makes an excellent choice for southern golf lawns. However, it will not do well in shady areas.

Zoysia Grass Seeds – Zoysia requires high humidity. However, it is a low-maintenance grass. It is known to produce a dense growth and therefore is super ideal homeowners who prefer minimum care lawns.

St. Augustine Grass– It’s not as tolerant as other warm season grasses. However, it has heat resistant qualities. It is best suited for the humid parts of the South.

Brazil, Bahiagrass– Performs very well in sandy soils. Good for low maintenance turf. It also needs minimal watering and fertilizer. However, it doesn’t thicken.

The Centipedegrass – This originated from the Southeast Asia. It is a low maintenance turfgrass. It grows slowly and its types of grass seed can take up to 20 plus days to grow. The good thing is that it requires fewer mowing sessions/ lesser fertilizer inputs compared to the rest.


The Best Tool for Spreading Grass Seeds

There are a few ideal lawn Accessories that can be used to spread out grass seeds. They include the following types of tools that we shall see.

One thing you should remember when spreading your best types of grass seed is to check the instructions on the grass seeds’ bag so that you don’t overspread the seeds in your lawn.

When to Plant your Best Types of Grass Seed

After choosing your best types of grass seed you need to understand the appropriate time to plant them.

New grass seeds are always planted during the spring or fall. Whichever types of grass seed you are dealing with you will want to plant them when they have the best chances to grow and become well established too.

Cool seasoned grass seeds will do well if planted in the early fall. However, you can also plant them during the spring. The fall is usually ideal as the soil will still be warmer from the summer heat. Warm soil allows the seeds to germinate and grow more quickly and the cooler air will keep the soil moist.

On the other hand, warmly seasoned grass seeds will do best if planted in late spring. This is because if planted in the fall, they won’t get established and will, therefore, be chocked by the stubborn weeds.


Because warm seasoned grasses grow well under heat, expert’s advice that these types of grass seed should be spread out just before the summer. This will help them to develop and get established fast enough so that they can smother out the weeds

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