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Winter is a time when you do not really think much about your lawn. This is the time where your lawn spends alone time and that is why spring lawn care is not a popular concept. Winter is a lovely time of the year and you actually are allowed to put your lawn dethatcher or lawn mower aside for a few days before you start again in the coming summer. Though you don’t need many machines to use in spring, there are certain things which you should do to enhance the beauty of your lawn for coming summer. In this article, we will discuss those strategies. Let’s start.

winter lawn care

Taking Advantage of Fertilization

Did you know that spring is the best time to fertilize season grasses in North America? If you fertilize your lawn in spring, this will have a positive impact in the next summer. Your lawn will be filled with the nutrition necessary for the growth of it. And when there will be cold weather in spring, the fertilizers will have enough time to get into the deep parts of your lawn soil.

If you fertilize the soil of your lawn properly in winter, you can be sure that you will have a brilliantly conditioned lawn in coming summer.

Mowing & Dethatching

Mowing and dethatching of your lawn should start before winter comes but do not worry if you are a bit late. Make sure to dethatch your lawn properly before you mow it in early winter. Cut the grasses shorter before the winter properly starts. If you don’t mow or dethatch your lawn in winter, you will have hard times because mice and related insects will come searching for a warm place in your lawn. If your grasses are big, they will start living in between them which you do not want. Mice is always one of the biggest threats of lawns as they create dead spots in places.

Cleaning The Lawn

Try to keep your lawn clean in winter. One of the main parts of winter lawn care is cleaning the lawn properly. Often you will feel lazy as it is winter, but do not let the laziness affect your productivity. Make sure that you are putting away the tree logs, strays, and even lawn furniture before the actual winter strikes. The reason behind this is simple. Simply think of a scenario that you didn’t clean a tree log from a part of your lawn before the snowing started and when the snowing stopped, you can’t do anything for the next two days as there will be excessive cold outside. After all, these, when you will go back to the lawn, you will find out that the spot where the tree log was placed is a dead spot now as that place didn’t have any nutrition from the weather. This is a very common scenario in all lawns across North America. Do not let your lawn be one of them.

Extra Tips

Let’s have a loo at some quick tips to secure the health and beauty of your lawn even more:

  • Do not let people walk over your lawn grasses when they are short in winter. Often people will start walking on your lawn as the grasses are small but you should put a sign or something else to make sure that they do not do so.
  • Make sure that nobody parks a vehicle in your lawn no matter for what period it is. Even if they tell you to give them five minutes, you should not. A load of these vehicles will kill your grasses and those grasses will kill other ones. Try to avoid vehicles at any cost.
  • Try to dethatch and mow the lawn before winter starts or as soon as possible in winter.
  • Sweep your lawn at least once before the actual winter strikes.

Final Words

Try to follow all of the steps mentioned in this article. All of them are necessary for the comfort of your lawn and none of them are optional. If you follow these steps in winter, it is guaranteed that you will be having an amazing lawn in summer.

Best of luck.


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