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Hi! Lawn lover.

 I hope, you’ll agree with me when I say:

“A healthy, green lawn shows dedication and pride in the property.”

So, what you feel when you see your lawn looks brown?

Now you’re looking for some useful tips to keep your lawn green. Right?

Here are some very useful tips that will help any yard lover like you to maintain a healthy lawn that looks nice with lush green grass.

So, let’s start.


How to Keep Your Lawn Green-Tips For Growing Green Lawn

Want to learn the secret of having a green lawn?

It’s effortless. Sounds great. Isn’t it?

Just read the following tips and follow accordingly.

 Lawn Green-Tips

Tip1:  Choose the Right Grass Type

The growing needs of different types of grasses are different. Consider your local climate when choosing the grass seed.


If your yard is in the shaded area, cool-season grasses like fine fescues will grow better. If your yard suffers heavy foot traffic, a tough grass like a mix of perennial rye and Kentucky bluegrass will be the best option for you. If your yard is more prone to drought than other, go for drought-tolerant grass like tall fescue.


Tips 2: Aerate Your Lawn Properly

Your lawn grasses need oxygen down to the grass root to promote growth. Over time the soil of your yard can become compacted, especially if your lawn is in the highest use area, or if you have pets or kids. Compacted soils result in problems with nutrient absorption, water drainage and air circulation. For a green lawn, you need to regularly aerate your yard so that the grass can make better use of nutrients and water.


Tips 3: Water Deeply but Less Often

To achieve a lush, green lawn, you must water your lawn on a regular schedule. Frequent but short periods watering won’t do much to help your yard grow greener. For lush green grass, you should water your lawn deeply but less often. It’ll help the grass to stay green during drought or in extremely hot weather. Experts’ recommendation is you should water your yard minimum 1-inch of water, once a week, though it depends on your local climate, soil type and grass species. If your lawn has heavy soil, water less heavily and less often but for more extended periods of time. For optimal absorption, water your yard early in the morning (from 4 AM to 9 AM). You should avoid over-watering, too.


Tips 4: Removal of The Thatch Layer

Check your grass doesn’t suffer from a thatch problem. But why?

  • Thatch layer prevents water from reaching to the grass roots.
  • Thatch layer gives shelter to unwanted and harmful insect pests.

If it’s about ½-inch, you may consider it as a minor problem, and you can efficiently deal it. But 3/4 of an inch or more thick thatch layer need emergency action to remove.

 Thatch-healthy-grass-lawn thatcher

Tips 5: Follow the Fertilizing Schedule

Fertilizers provide soil nutrients that are important for grass growth and its greenness. Experts recommend slow-release fertilizer to sustain the greenness of the grass. Though you won’t get the adequate growth right away that happens with fast-release fertilizers, over time you’ll observe the benefits.

Before the winter season starts, feed your lawn thoroughly. The roots will soak up the nutrients and store energy for the next growing period. Never miss fertilizing in the fall. Fertilizing in the fall is much more essential than in the spring.

  • Select the appropriate fertilizer according to your lawn grass type.
  • Water the yard immediately and regularly for one week after applying fertilizer.
  • Make sure you study the label on a fertilizer bag before buying.

 You also follow details: lawn fertilizing schedule.

Tip 6:  Mow the Lawn Properly

Proper mowing is an essential lawn care tip to achieve the greenest lawn possible. It’s useful to use a mulching mower that will not only cut down on the yard maintenance but also makes the grass green.

“So, how short should I cut the grass?” It’s a common question for most of the lawn owners.

Experts suggest that never cut the grass shorter than 2-inch or 2.5-inch. Mow when the grass is dry, and it’s 3-inches tall.

  • Keep sharp the mower blades while mowing. It’s essential for green, even cutting edge.
  • Try to mow the grass in the evening because it’ll put less stress.
  • Alternate the mowing direction in which you mow each session.
  • Don’t mow too close to the earth.

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Tip 7: Test The pH Level of The Soil

“ph happy zone” accelerates the growth of green grass. ph level 6 to 7.2 is vulnerable to best grass growth. Too alkaline or acidic soil isn’t perfect for grass thriving. So, test the pH level of the ground of your lawn. If you found it too high, treat the lawn with sulfur or iron sulfate. If you found too low pH level, use pelletized limestone.



So, you know the secret of why some yards are always beautiful with green grass carpeting. And now, it’s also not a dream for you to have a lush, green welcoming yard.

Just follow the proper tips to keep your lawn green always. There is no other alternative except following the useful lawn care practice to keep your lawn grass always greener.

Hope, after learning our tips for growing green lawns you’ll undoubtedly agree with the thought that growing green grass is simple and straightforward.

What you need is your willingness to learn the facts. Practice the tips and spend few hours in every season.

And the green, welcoming lawn is yours!

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