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Do you want to mow your lawn yard? You need a very powerful and efficient lawn mower for this purpose. In mowing the lawn, Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower is the best for this purpose. The sun joe lawn mower has many cool features which differentiate it from the other machines. Here, I have explained some of the unique and cool features of the mower.


The Sun Joe Lawn Mower Features:-

Cordless Mowing

Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower is cordless which will provide the user much flexibility and comfort while working. The cords often create problems while mowing because you have to drag the cord along with the machine. So, it is a really cool feature. Moreover, the 16-inch mower will facilitate even and fast lawn mowing.

Strong Battery Power

Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower is powered by a strong 40V battery. You will get fast and efficient service for a long period. The battery is rechargeable. Hence, you will not have to rely on electricity to use the machine. The battery will provide back up for 40 minutes which is enough to mow a small to medium sized yard.

Eco-friendly Machine

Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower is completely environment-friendly. It does not require gas or fuel to run as it includes a very powerful and advanced lithium-ion battery. Hence, there will not be any carbon emission from the machine. It will keep the air clean while mowing the lawn. So, by buying this product, you will contribute to the environmental protection as well.

Availability of Cordless Dynamo

The cordless dynamo increases the battery efficiency. Hence, you will enjoy an extended motor performance. The motor life will last up to 2,000 hours. So, you will not have to worry about replacement of the Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower just after a few uses. You can stay tension free and keep using for a longer period.

Compact Working Depths

The Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower contains compact working depths. It is ideal for small to medium sized lawns. There is a 6-position height adjustment lever in the device. The cutting height ranges from 1.18 inch to 3.15 inches. As a result, you will get your desired lawn mowing through this machine.

Improved Mobility

Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower is easily movable from one place to another. It contains rugged front and all-terrain wheels. So, you will hardly face any problem in maneuvering it easily even in the tight spaces. You will be able to pull the mower back and turn left or right easily. Hence, the mower will provide you stain free mowing experience.

High Capacity Grass Bag

The capacity of the grass bag of Sun Joe iON 16 LM 40V 16-Inches Lawn Mower is amazing. The 9.25-gallon mammoth grass bag will help you mow for a long period without any interference. You will also be able to dispose of the grass clippings without any trouble.


Easy to Store

The parts of the sun joe mower are easily detachable. Hence, you will be able to separate the parts and clean without any trouble. You will able to fold the handlebars and store inside the home after the use. Hence, your machine will be safe from thieves.


  • This mower does not cause any sound pollution. You will enjoy 40 minutes of whisper free mowing.
  • Availability of push lock button
  • Battery power indicator
  • Availability of both lower and upper handle
  • The Sharp steel blade facilitates dark lawn mowing
  • The two-year warranty will save cost
  • Easy to assemble


  • The weight of sun joe mower is about 33 pounds which make it very heavy.
  • The price of the mower needs further consideration.
  • The battery lasts only for 40 minutes which is a deal breaker.
  • The users need to purchase a second battery to work for a long period which increases cost.

**Also, You can choose a Lawn Dethatcher machine for your small yeard.


I think it is suitable for the people who have a small to medium sized yard and does not need frequent mowing. I would seriously recommend this mower if you are willing to purchase an additional battery. If the above information about the sun joe lawn mower meets your requirements, you should go for it.

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