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The Top 9 Tips from the Experts

Like winter, summer seasons also require you to adequately prepare your lawn. Only that in summer the weather is often sunny. What this means is that without proper caring your lawn could easily dry up. But no one loves a dry, crispy lawn! Do you? I guess not! That’s why today I am giving you these lawn care tips. They will help you to ensure that your lawn stays vibrant, green, and lush all through the hottest months of the summer.

Water your Lawn AdequatelyLawn Care Equipment-lawn food 1

Watering your lawn, plants, or garden is very important during the summer. This is because the ground is often dry and water evaporates pretty fast. You should, therefore, make sure that your lawn gets enough water.

DON’T water in the middle of the day! This could be disastrous! Rather water your lawn in the mornings and evenings after the sun goes down. DON’T water in the night as the soil can get humid and easily develop fungus. This will also cause rot!

Know Your Type of Soil Too

There are a number of tools and lawn care equipment that you could use to tell your soil type. However, it’s often ideal to call in an expert. Understanding your type of soil will allow you to water adequately. Sandy soil drains fast and might need more water. Loamy soil retains just enough water. And clay is sticky and less porous of all. I recommend adjusting your watering to your lawn’s personality (soil type) since it is literally very important if you need a lush green lawn.

Allow the Grass to Grow Long

Not too long! But long enough! I know you must have favored short grass during the fall but longer grass is ideal in the summer. This is because longer grass can provide additional shade to the soil and prevent it from drying up. In turn, it helps it to retain more water and in keeping the grass cooler. we advise you to set electric mowers between 3” and 4” inches when mowing.

Use Natural Fertilizers on GrassLawn-Care-Equipment-lawn-food

Let your grass gave natural fertilizers. Leave a few grass clippings too that helps the grass to get enough cover from natural elements. Fertilizers will provide enough nutrients to the lawn.

In turn, it will keep your grass from drying up. When applying the fertilizer use a lawn dethatcher to aerate your lawn just enough for the job. A dethatcher is one of the best lawn care equipment that any homeowner should have closer to their heart.

Mark the Edges of the Lawn

You don’t want the lawn over growing to the unwanted areas. This might mean more water, high bills, and possibly less food for your grass. Maintaining your grass in the right size, quantities, and ideal areas will prevent you from overspending. It will also leave your grass with enough food and therefore keep your lawn looking very green and lush. Therefore edge your grass. Use a lawn mower or trimmer to make the work easy and fast.

Don’t Suffocate the Lawn Grass

I know it’s summer and probably the grass is a little long. That’s cool! Only that does not allow the grass to be too long that it suffocates. Still mow frequently or else the grass clippings can smother your grass or force them to rot. Use the right lawn care equipment such as mower to trim your grass to the right height for better fertilizer breakdown.

Keep the Lawn Tidy, Tidy, and Tidy

Your gal’s present that was left in the lawn three days ago will have dead or discolored grass right under it. This will leave your lawn looking dull and unattractive. To keep your grass green and healthy during the summer, always take a look through it before watering and remove any toys or litter that could be lying around. You can even rake the lawn if you must. A rake is great lawn care equipment that will make cleaning the litter extremely easy. But you shouldn’t use it for digging or any other chore that doesn’t suit it.

Always Dethatch When Fertilizing

Many homeowners only use a lawn dethatcher when they want to prepare their lawn for the winter. That’s not bad! However, when applying fertilizer through for summer you should also dethatch your lawn. The fact that you are aerating the lawn allows the applied fertilizer to break down easily. It also improved the drainage of your lawn soil for healthy growing.  Just remember the best time to fertilize is during the fall. Just before the summer.

Avoid Walking on The Lawn Too

Walking on the lawn might be the simplest route to the AC compartment. Don’t do it! Constant walking through the lawn will easily force the grass to wither and your lawn to grow un-uniformly. An awesome lawn needs every form of care that they can have especially when the heat is up and the soil is dry. Letting them lie is the best option to use that we always advise our readers to adopt.

Best Lawn Care Equipment to Use in the Summer

I know many people must be wondering what the best lawn care equipment for the summer might be. Well, they are quite a number and the choice might depend on you. However, some of the most commonly used equipments include the following.

When using these types of equipment you must also learn to properly take care of them. Certain types of equipment are really delicate and any form of mishandling could lead to damages. Here is what you can do.

  • Have routine checkup from experts
  • Follow instructions of use from manufacturer
  • Oil your large equipment regularly
  • Store properly after use
  • Use only for the lawn purposes they have been tailored for.


In case you have the lawn to care for during the summer you should use these tips. You must also make use of the most appropriate lawn care equipment for the job. Using the wrong types of equipment could spell disaster for the lawn. Read expert posts, ask around, and browse the internet for the most relevant tips to use.

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