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If you want privacy or a well-manicured yard, keeping your hedges trimmed is one of the most important chores you can do. Maintaining a consistent length will ensure the proper growth of the hedges surrounding your property. However, investing in a Ryobi hedge trimmer shouldn’t require you to do an entire research project to find the best model for your money.

We’ve analyzed a few models from the Ryobi hedge trimmer family. As a result, we’ve determined which is the best one for your lawn care needs. So, don’t make any hasty decisions before reading through our review. 

What Can I Do with a Ryobi Hedge Trimmer?


By using a Ryobi hedge trimmer, you will have the perfect tool on your hands. You’ll be able to easily keep your shrubs and hedges at a healthy length. If you’re feeling very ambitious, you can even carve shapes into your hedges. Adding topiary will give your yard a unique and personal feel.

And when you decide that it’s time for a change, you can shape entire trees into different patterns around your home. This is a great alternative to uprooting entire trees. This kind of drastic action just disrupts growth patterns and damages the plants in your yard.

Having a Ryobi hedge trimmer in your shed will keep you prepared for any season. You can use it to thin things out to increase sunlight levels in the summer. You’ll also be able to cut off dead branches in the winter. 

Where Can I Purchase a Ryobi Hedge Trimmer?


Where you buy a Ryobi hedge trimmer depends on your preferences. One factor is your budget, and another one is whether you want to test out your new toy before bringing it home. If you need to hold it in your hands before making a purchase, big-box home improvement retail stores are perfect.

You can find Ryobi hedge trimmers at Home Depot or Lowes. In big box stores, you can view a wide selection available on the floor of the store. Or check with your local hardware stores. Often times, smaller chains or independent stores can offer a better deal.

Online, you can browse Amazon’s product listing to see what is in stock. Make sure you look at the differences between orders fulfilled by Amazon and those from third-party vendors. This can make make a huge difference in the amount you pay for shipping and how soon it’s delivered. 

How Much Will I Pay for a Ryobi Hedge Trimmer?


The price of a Ryobi hedge trimmer can vary depending on inventory and potentially used models that show up in different marketplaces. You might be able to find open box models in retail stores that are new but sold at a discount due to open packaging. 

Selecting a Ryobi Hedge Trimmer for Your Home


We considered several options when picking out the best Ryobi hedge trimmer for you to use on your own lawn. We found two fantastic options. And both could suit your lawn care needs and give your hedges the personality you want in your landscaping. 

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Hedge Trimmer

The Ryobi ONE+ shares its name with the rest of a lineup that includes a trimmer and a drill. This Ryobi hedge trimmer can even use the same battery and charger that pairs with the rest of the ONE+ lineup.

Hardware Features of the Ryobi ONE+

This cordless Ryobi hedge trimmer is great for all of your hedging needs. With no cord to worry about, you don’t need to find an outlet during your gardening sessions. Most importantly, you won’t trip over anything while circling around your bushes.

You’ll find a safety guard located directly behind the handle, which offers maximum protection. You can rotate this handle in any direction too. This feature gives you smooth control of the blade, which measures at about 21.5 inches.

This Ryobi hedge trimmer includes a Hedge Sweep. This is a patented feature in the form of a plastic attachment which gets rid of debris as you move through the top portions of your hedges. It’s not a mere gimmick, and it saves you a lot of effort when you’re ready to clean up your trimmings.

The cordless motor runs on a lithium battery. It clips into its own slot right underneath the handle. This clip keeps it from interfering with your hands while you’re working.

With the battery attached, this Ryobi hedge trimmer weighs in at only 5 pounds. You’ll feel like the trimmer is a natural extension of your hands as you glide through your hedges with minimal effort. 

Using the ONE+ to Trim Your Hedges

In practice, the Ryboi ONE+ feels incredibly effective once you power it up. You’ll need to activate it with both pull levers, which work together to initialize the motor.

While this is excellent for efficiency and power, be extra careful when starting up these motors. Most significantly, note that there isn’t any additional thumb lock for protection.

Sweeping directly across your hedges is a piece of cake with this Ryobi hedge trimmer.

Despite the light weight, the battery supplies plenty of power to the blades. So, you’ll never feel as if you need to put any more effort into slicing. Thanks to the lack of any gas power, you don’t have to worry about leaks or spillage from a loose cap.

Another advantage of an electric-powered Ryobi hedge trimmer is the lower noise level. It’s not silent, but you won’t be aggravating any but the most irritable of neighbors if you decide to start your yard work early on a weekend morning.

The battery will run for a straight hour before it needs to be recharged. The LED readout tells you four different levels, indicating when it’s getting close to dying long before it actually runs out. This gives you the chance to alter your plans if you got a little ahead of yourself and began a project that won’t last. 

Additional Features on the Ryobi ONE+

If you move into a particularly tight space, you can rotate the handle on the Ryobi hedge trimmer by 45 or 90 degrees. It locks into place and allows you to continue your cutting without forcing you into an uncomfortable standing position among your hedges. Even better, the pull switch follows your rotation of the handle, so you can kill the motor or keep it going as you wish.

You might be amazed when you realize just how well the ONE+ handles thicker branches. The blade never faltered, and this saves you the work of having to manually cut some branches with bigger sheers. 

Scoring the Ryobi ONE+ Hedge Trimmer


We weren’t sure what to expect from the Ryobi One+, but we were blown away by its performance. This member of the Ryobi hedge trimmer family earns top points from us. The key features are its battery life, endurance against thick branches, and cordless convenience. You can typically find it for a surprisingly low cost, making it an absolute steal with its performance.

Ryobi P2603 Dual Action Lithium-Ion 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer,...
  • 18 in. dual-action blades for reduced vibration
  • Tool Only (Battery and Charger NOT included)
  • Up to 3⁄8 in. cutting capacity

Ryobi RY40610A Hedge Trimmer


The Ryobi RY40610A is the larger cousin of the ONE+. This Ryobi hedge trimmer model can handle a bit more of a workload. However, it comes with a few drawbacks that prevent us from giving it a full recommendation. 

Hardware Features of the Ryobi RY40610A Hedge Trimmer

The RY40610A contains a pair of 24-inch blades that perform about 3,200 slices per minute. The slightly bigger blades and motor power give this a strength advantage over the ONE+. This power is something to consider this if you have larger shrubbery areas to contend with.

By using two blades, this can help to keep you working even as your arms get tired from propping the trimmer up for longer periods of time.

Using both blades, you can chop through branches that measure as high as 3/4 inch in diameter. Unfortunately, the handle on this model does not rotate. It does have a padded grip to provide extra comfort. But this was definitely a missed opportunity compared to the ONE+.

This Ryobi hedge trimmer comes with the same Hedge Sweep as the ONE+. So, it’s just as convenient for cleaning away the trimmings from your yard work. It also holds a debris shield, located on the base of the blade. It’s a great addition to the 406 model and helps to protect you from any scattered debris that might not get swept away at first.

Battery Life and Using the Ryobi RY40610A Hedge Trimmer

The battery life of the RY40610A model is comparable to the Ryobi ONE+. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach a full charge from being depleted. Thanks to cross-compatibility, you can use the same batteries across any Ryobi tool with the ONE+ name on it.

If you have a long day of hedge-trimming ahead, this lets you swap out a battery to charge while sliding another one in its place.

Although the battery extends the portability of this Ryobi hedge trimmer, we can’t help but feel that the RY40610A should be capable of doing more than its slimmer, cheaper ONE+ relative.

The heavier trimmer costs more, and its blades are larger. However, it never felt like a massive leap forward in quality or performance. 

Scoring the Ryobi RY40610A Hedge Trimmer

Our impression of the RY40610A might have been better had we started with it.

As it stands, it’s a disappointment compared to the ONE+. The lack of an adjustable handle and the battery life not being any longer on the RY40610A is a shame. But that doesn’t completely prevent us from recommending it.

If you can’t find the ONE+ in stock anywhere, the other Ryobi hedge trimmer in the family will work well for you.

Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 24" includes Lithium-Ion Battery...
  • Dual action blades for reduced vibration
  • Gas like power and run time
  • Hedge Sweep attachment removes clippings while you trim

How Do I Use a Ryobi Hedge Trimmer?

Exercise safety precautions when turning on your Ryobi hedge trimmer. The extremely sharp blades can cause severe injury if you are not careful while working in your yard.

You’ll probably need an extension cord when plugging in the trimmer, depending on where your hedges are located. Aim to have at least 3 feet of slack between you and the electrical outlet.

When shaping your hedges, you should aim for a shape that allows sunlight to penetrate through to the ground level. This way, you ensure that roots and stems are getting the exposure they need to encourage growth.

If you trimmed the bottom a bit narrower than the top portion of your hedges, you can do some reshaping once the summer comes around. Focus on hedges that grow faster in July and September. For evergreen hedges, stick to the summer months to make your job easier.

Guiding the Trimmer

If you’re just starting out with a Ryobi hedge trimmer, you need to begin on the slowest speed possible until you get a feel for how it operates in your hands.

Note the plural use of hands – don’t try and use this with one hand like you’re Leatherface.

Be sure that you move from bottom to the top to get the best results when you want to remove all the excess growth.

If you’re going for a rounded top, make sure you hold the blades away from your body as you angle the trimmer toward the center. Using the slightest angle will create the curve you’re looking for. And you can do this again on the opposite side to create the visual look you like.

Topping Off Your Hedges

Regardless of your techniques when trimming your hedges around the yard, you can feel confident when investing in a Ryobi hedge trimmer.

Both of the models we have looked at in this review will keep your property looking excellent, regardless of the season.

We were surprised when the ONE+ turned out to be more powerful and a better choice at larger jobs than the RY40610A. However, do keep in mind that these are both smaller trimmers. Anyone who is looking for an industrial-quality hedge trimmer will want to look at much more powerful trimmers.

For simple home care, you can’t go wrong with either Ryobi hedge trimmer that we have reviewed in this article. If you are more concerned about the ability to adjust the trimmer in your hands and getting the biggest value out of your investment, you should go with the ONE.

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