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Believe it or not, there are many lawnmowers besides the regular push mower. 

There are many different types of lawnmowers that you can choose from. Each mower can be used for different lawn sizes or different kinds of terrain. 

So, before you decide to take the conventional route and get a push lawnmower, let’s go over the different types that you may want to consider. 

Push Mower

First thing’s first.

Let’s go over the classic push mower. 

Push mowers may have different engines, but they all have one thing in common:

They are mostly powered by you.

The engine focuses on cutting grass while the moving of the mower is powered by good ol’ fashioned manpower. 

  • PROS

The extra manpower may not seem appealing to you, but maybe saving a couple of bucks might. 

Push mowers are generally cheaper than other mowers simply due to the fact that they’re harder to push. 

Who’s afraid of a little hard work?

Push mowers also do an excellent job mowing your lawn. You’re sure to be pleased with the job it does.

  • CONS

The major con here is that push mowers are hard to push. Especially if you have a bad back. 

Do you have a very hilly yard? 

A push mower might be something you can rule out. 

So maybe pushing a lawnmower to save a couple of bucks doesn’t seem worth it. 

Maybe you would simply rather spend extra money to make your job a little easier. 

Self-Propelled Lawnmowers


Mowing the lawn can be hard work. Especially since the majority of your lawn mowing days will be in the summer. 

If you’re willing to pay a little extra money for a self-propelled lawnmower you might just save yourself a lot of extra work.

  • PROS

A self-propelled lawnmower basically drives itself. You will have to steer the mower but the transmission propels itself forward. 

That means if you have a hilly yard, you just made your job a whole lot easier. 

Cool, right?

It also means that your younger kids would be able to help more with yard work since mowing the grass won’t be something only a very strong adult can do. 

You can teach your kids how to mow the grass early in life. Hopefully teaching them some valuable life lessons. 

  • CONS

There are some downsides if you choose to go the self-propelled route. 

A self-propelled lawnmower is more expensive than a typical push mower.


It’s pretty simple. 

The transmission pushes itself forward making your job easier. That’s going to cost extra cash. The more bells and whistles something has, the more expensive it’s going to be.

A self-propelled lawnmower also requires more maintenance. 

The engine on a self-propelled lawnmower is a little more complicated than a push mower because of the forward motion. This just means that you’ll need to take a little extra care of your mower to keep it in tip-top shape. 

The trade-off?

Your mowing job will be a lot easier.

Reel Mower

If you’ve ever seen a movie with someone mowing their lawn in the 1950s, you’ve probably seen a reel mower. 

A reel mower has sharp blades that turn when you push it that cut the blades of grass much like scissors. 

  • PROS

Someone looking for a little extra physical activity would benefit from a reel mower. This mower is 100% powered by you. 

It doesn’t require gas, oil, or electricity. 

That means that the reel mower is an environmentally friendly way to go.

It also means that it’s lower maintenance. There is no engine to upkeep. 

Tired of being woken up by lawnmower on a Saturday morning when you’re trying to sleep in?

A reel mower doesn’t have an engine so they’re very quiet. No more loud mowers to bother the neighbors! 

Plus there are no bags full of grass clippings to unload!

  • CONS

Just as the physical activity could be in the pros section, it could very easily be in the cons section as well. 

Elderly people or people that might have medical conditions probably don’t want to exert themselves too much, in which case

 the reel mower would be a bad decision. 

Unfortunately, the different way that the reel mower cuts requires you to mow twice a week, so you may be cutting more

frequently than you normally would. 

Riding Lawnmowers

Riding lawnmowers resemble a small tractor that you can sit on to mow your grass. They’re comfortable and convenient and will have your grass cut in no time at all! 

There are two main types of riding lawnmowers:

Standard and zero-turn mowers.

Standard Turn Riding Lawnmowers

  • PROS

Standard turn mowers have comfy seats and steering wheels. This will let you easily steer and make your lawn look nice with hardly any effort. 

Mowing the grass is no longer a chore. Everyone in the family will want to take a ride on the mower while they make the grass look nice. 

  • CONS

As was previously said:

The more bells and whistles something has the more expensive it’s going to be. 

This has a lot of bells and whistles! Therefore, it’s going to be more expensive than your typical lawnmower. 

It also lacks some precision to get close to bushes or trees, often resulting in an unmowed strip of grass you’ll have to take care of with a smaller mower. 

Zero-Turn Riding Lawnmowers

  • PROS

Zero-turn riding lawnmowers are some of the very best on the market! 

They’re comfortable, easy to steer, and can turn on a dime. This means you’ll be able to get right up around trees or other pieces of landscape. 

Plus, they’re fast! You’ll have an entire yard done in no time at all. 

  • CONS

This is one of the most expensive lawnmowers you can buy. 

In fact:

A brand new zero-turn riding lawnmower is about the same as buying a new car. 

Is all the comfort and ease worth the money?

You decide. 

Robotic Lawnmowers

Welcome to the future. 

This little gadget is a lot like a robotic vacuum that does the work on its own. 

All you need to do is install some wires and hit the start button. 

  • PROS

Sit back and relax!

Robotic lawnmowers will take care of everything for you. 

You can set up boundaries made of wire underground so that the lawnmower will easily know where it should and should not go. The mower will not cross the wire. 

It’s quiet enough to run at any time of the day, even at night! You won’t be disturbing a soul. 

The only thing you need to do is push start and put your feet up while you enjoy a cold drink. 

The robotic lawnmower will go around the yard until it gets close to an underground wire then it’ll turn around until the entire lawn is done. Then the lawnmower will return itself to it’s charging station.

Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers even have an app that you can set up. This way you can control everything from your phone. The app will let you start the mower at any time, turn it off, and put it back to the charging station. 

  • CONS

These lawnmowers can cost a pretty penny. A lawnmower that does all the work for you won’t be cheap. 

Because of the more complex nature of a robotic lawnmower, the installation process can be a little bit of a pain. 

You’ll need to go through an entire installation process to get the lawnmower completely set up before it can start mowing. 

Some people would rather just get something they can start mowing with right away, instead of going through a painstaking process. 

Others might decide that the annoying process is worth it once the system is set up and they don’t have to do anything else. 

The Final Cut

There are many different kinds of mowers you may or may not have known about. 

Each mower has its own set of pros and cons that will make you think about which one to buy. 

Do you need a mower that’s cheap and a little harder to push, or one that’s more expensive and just requires you to sit and steer?

Better yet:

Maybe you’d like to spend even more money and get a lawnmower that you can simply watch like the robotic lawnmower. 

Whichever lawnmower you decide to buy, we’re sure your lawn will look nice and manicured thanks to your trusty mower. 

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