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Lawn care maintenance should not be hard work, right? It sometimes is. Many homeowners make the mistakes from the moment they choose what type of grass they will use up until the moment they maintain or care for their lawns. Sometimes, lawn care maintenance schedules aren’t good enough to keep the lawn healthy. This is where you come in. As someone who does lawn care maintenance, how do you do it?

It is important that you understand the mistakes common homeowners make whenever they try to care or maintain the lawn on their own. Here are some of the mistakes they normally make.

“You should consult the lawn care maintenance, experts. They know how to do it and can even give you the correct lawn care maintenance schedule to follow.”

Homeowner Lawn Care Maintenance Mistakes

1.They choose the incorrect type of grass for the kind of climate they are in. more often than not, the kind of grass that you grow on your lawn is affected by the climate of the state or country you are in. Some survive and thrive in the cold, some in the heat, and some need a good mix of warm and cold. Homeowners often go for which is cheaper. This then turns into more costs as they try to keep it maintained and healthy using different products.

2.They do not set the correct schedule. Some kinds of grass need constant mowing. Some need little to no mowing for weeks on end. Knowing when to mow the lawn and maintain it is crucial to keeping them healthy. Miss the time to maintain it and you gain long grass that just looks ugly. Doing it more often than what is needed can make the grass dry. Be sure to set the correct schedule to maintain it.Lawn Care Maintenance 1.jpeg

3.Use the incorrect items. Sometimes, the machines and the tools used are not really the correct items to use. Instead of making it look good, the grass will now seem less maintained than ever. It does not matter if you know how to cut it correctly. Using the wrong kind of tool at the wrong time can damage your grass for the long term.

4.They cut the grass too short. Cutting or mowing the lawn is a simple thing to do yet sometimes, homeowners tend to mislead themselves. How? They think that cutting the grass shorter can save them time. If you think cutting them too short can be an excuse to skip the next mowing session, then you are wrong. You have to cut them just right to avoid long-term damage and root damage that may eventually kill your grass.

5.Watering incorrectly. Watering has many factors to consider. This is the age of plants, the time of the day, the kind of plant, etc. A homeowner must take all of these by heart. He or she should know when and how to water the lawn so that it will not dry up or drown in the excess water.

“Many mistakes can still be done. However, the above you see are the top mistakes many homeowners do on their lawn care maintenance.”

Dethatching as part of the Lawn Care Maintenance

To dethatch is to rid the grass of the things that choke it. It may be hard to incorporate into the lawn care maintenance schedule for it should be timed correctly. However, do take note that thatches are essential, too. They provide insulation to the plant and they slow down water loss. They also provide support to avoid getting crushed by people and other things stepping on the grass.

 However, they can sometimes grow too thick. They can block the sunlight from reaching the grass as well as block water from seeping into the roots. They can also make the lawn feel uneven as they block the fertilizers and other nutrients from seeping into the deeper parts of the lawn.Lawn Care Maintenance.jpg

How do you know if you need some dethatching done? You can use measuring sticks to do that for you. You just poke the ground with a stick and see if the thatch is already more than half an inch thick.

If it gets more than half an inch, you should really start considering the ability to dethatch. You can easily incorporate it into the lawn care maintenance schedule you may have made.

“Make sure you inspect the grass before you do dethatch yourself. This can help you avoid damage and ensure better lawn care maintenance the next time around.”

The correct times to do some dethatching

When you want to dethatch, you need to understand that timing is important. They vary depending on the type of grass and the type climate you are in. They should be as follows:


  • In cold regions, you should dethatch when late spring comes. This ensures that the plants will have enough water to last them in the moments of high heat and warmth.
  • In warm regions, you should dethatch in early spring.  However, make sure the grass experiences some growth as you do it.


  • You should try to dethatch the lawn in early spring. However, as above, you must make sure that the grass is already growing efficiently. You can also do it during early fall. This ensures that the grass’s growth efficiency shall let it survive the winter.

You should dethatch when the grass is not dry. A little moisture can go a long way in lawn care maintenance.

Lawn care branches out to more fields than what you see. You should mow the lawn, drive out the weeds, dethatch, and other things. It may be hard to do at first but when you have started doing the correct routine, you will see how easy taking care of your lawn is. You just have to invest your time and your dedication into making your lawn the best one there ever is.

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