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Weeds such as dandelions and crabgrass are a bother. They prevent healthy growth of our plantations. From the lawn grass to gardening weeds has been nothing but a disaster. They will compete with your plantation for food, and eventually leave you with very poor and unattractive growth. To keep weeds from infiltrating your lawn or garden you should kill weeds naturally using these simple remedies.

Pull them Out Manually

Looks like a hard job, you bet it is! But again it’s a very friendly way to control lawn weed. Remember, old is gold and this sure suits the call. However, experts suggest pulling the weeds from beneath the soil such that the roots are really out. The best time to do this is after the rainstorm when the soil is softer. You can insert a knife or a screwdriver in the soil to remove stubborn taproots.

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Laying Down a Mulch

Weeds like plants or grass on your lawn require sunlight to sprout. They need sunlight to make photosynthesis a reality. If you prevent them from getting out of the soil, you will definitely prevent them from growing. Mulching is a great way to do that. If used with a landscape fabric it will control the weeds so well. Make sure you do this before the weeds even begin to sprout.

Cover Up the Low Weeds

If you see low weeds such as crabgrass and clover, you can single them out and cover them up. It is another great way to kill weeds naturally. Use small ceramic pots to cover them up. This denies them sunlight and eventually forces them to die a natural death. Additionally, you can also single them out and use mulch. Use the newspaper and as the newspaper decomposes it also feeds the soil with nutrients.

Use Boiling Water Too

You may not know it, but this plain old trick works like a charm. Indeed it was my dad’s favorite “homemade” weed killer. It is best used for weeds that sprout through cracks on the sidewalks and driveways. One more advice, if you must use boiling water; use it on young weeds and to make this trick much more effective you can also add a teas spoon or two of salt in the water.

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Bring the Herds Home

This may seem really farfetched but it works like magic. Goats are very cool for a larger lawn with the big swath of unwanted vegetations. More specifically, they are really good at fighting crabgrass. In fact, the best part is that goats can easily access hard to reach places for machines. Additionally, their hooves will also rototill the lawn soil as they graze about. So get the grazers.

Keep Up with Salting

Salting your lawn is one of the best ways to kill weeds naturally. It is best used at the end of the winter. At this time, you can sprinkle rock salt on garden paths to fight weeds. In the spring the use of table salt can also work. Using salt also leaves you with a good weed barrier along the edgings of the lawn and hard to reach areas for the lawn mower and other wedding farm tools.

Choose a Longer Lawn

The grass height of your lawn really matters. The length of your lawn grass will easily determine whether it is more or less vulnerable to weeds. It is therefore very important that you keep a grass length that’s acceptable and which at the same time can fight the weed by itself. A length of about 2 to 3½ inches is cool. You can also fire up the mower before the weeds set seeds too.

Have Digging Strategy

Most lawns have hidden weed seeds lying around. You may not be able to physically see them. This means that when digging you create an ideal place for these seeds to thrive and eventually germinate. This is the reason to dig strategically. It is important to only open the patch you need to plant in. The rest should be left sold. Doing this will prevent pesky seeds from falling in and growing.

Add Physical Barriers

The use of physical barriers and edgings such as retaining walls are also better ways for any lawn owner that wants to kill weeds naturally. Don’t make very expensive edgings, no! Simple edgings from scraps can also do the trick and work perfectly. Use pressure treated decking boards to start with and then harmer the pieces on the ground side by side to get the continuous edge.

Use a Landscape Fabric

Like mulch, landscape fabric will keep your soil cool, soft, and wet. It will also eliminate the soil from getting the light that weeds need to grow. You can use it over the areas and add a small layer of straw above it. Unlike mulch that will be best if placed around 2 inches deep and off your lawn since it might kill the grass, landscape fabric is cool and works perfectly without much ado.

Keep Your Numbers High

It is natural for plants to compete for natural resources. The winner or the strongest plants will survive. The best way to keep the weeds on the low is to use a number of plants and flowers apart from your grass that will naturally beat the weeds for sunlight and nutrients and eventually leave them dead. This is a trick that many great lawns have used before. It is easy and works really fast.

5 Reasons Why You Should Kill Weeds Naturally

There are a number of ways that weeds can be killed including the use of herbicides and more. But here are the main reasons to kill weeds naturally.

  • It prevents any form of chemical hazards
  • It is thorough and targeted with good results
  • It doesn’t affect your grass or wanted plants
  • It is safe and ideal even for your loved ones
  • It is a do it yourself option that costs less


If you want to keep weeds out of your garden or lawn, it is important that you do so. Kill weeds naturally so that you can enjoy a huge number of benefits and also keep your loved ones safe. This is very important as it allows you to enjoy what you are doing and also see instant results wherever possible.

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