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When using a Honda push mower, you want the best in the class. After all, without the luxury of a riding mower, you’ll need a push mower that’s easy to use. You’ll want a lawn mower that is comfortable to grip, starts up easily, and efficiently cuts through your grass like butter.

We looked at the best Honda push mower models that your money can buy. As a result, we came away with a fantastic impression of the Honda HRX217VKA.

Designed with all of the performance you have come to expect from the Honda name, this push mower rolls over the competition. Check out our full review below!

Name: Honda HRX

Height: 41 inches

Weight: 96 pounds

Noise level: 98.2 dB

Blade width: 21 inches

Bag capacity: 2.5 bu.

Warranty: 5 years

Honda Push Mower Reputation

honda push mower - Honda push mower front

The Honda name has been around for a while. Most importantly, its reputation for making high-powered, smooth-operating push mowers is well deserved by now. You can find the same quality from its lawn mower line that you would expect out of a Honda car engine.

Thanks to a combination of a sharp blade, a powerful engine, and the perfect number of settings for your height, the HRX217VKA Honda lawn mower should be your first choice when making the investment in a new lawn mower.

What makes this Honda lawn mower the best in its class?

We’ll be looking at that in the rest of the review. We’ll also explain why this is the mower you want to pull out of the shed when the grass is ready to cut.

Why Choose a Honda Push Mower?

The Honda push mower featured in this review has a number of advantages that make it stand out among the competition.

Some of them are a bit more literal than others. For example, like the handle’s 41-inch height. This height makes it a comfortable angle for anyone over six feet. You won’t have to bend over while already exerting energy to push the mower.

Although Honda is most commonly associated with the creation of automobiles and motorcycles, you’ll see that the same mindset that goes into their engine design for cars has gone into manufacturing the Honda lawn mower.

How Much Does a Honda Push Mower Cost?

The Honda push lawn mower is not going to be a cheap investment. This is especially true for a non-riding mower that you can’t sit on and enjoy while riding around the yard.

Along with cost for the mower, you'll also have to factor in the sales tax for your location as well. You might be able to save a bit if you can find a used model somewhere. However, we recommend getting a new lawn mower to keep the warranty intact.

Where Can I Buy a Honda Push Mower?

honda push mower - Lowes website landing page

You can purchase a Honda lawn mower at many different retail locations.

You can start by looking at the bigger retail locations, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. In a big box store, you’re more likely to find a good selection thanks to the amount of floor space that each store has.

Also, check out some of your local lumber/home improvement stores. They may be able to get you a better deal or a discount on some kind of package.

If you’re sold on the Honda push lawn mower, you can purchase it online through a major online retailer like Amazon. If you make a purchase online, make sure you buy from someone who factors the cost of shipping into the price.

Sending a 96-pound Honda lawn mower for delivery is going to get very expensive, very quickly.

Reviewing the Honda Push Mower

Let’s look under the handle and find out what makes this Honda mower such an amazing piece of lawn care equipment. By the end of this review, you’ll be anxious to order your own and spend your weekends making your lawn look amazing!

Ease of Use

The Honda HRX makes use of a self-propulsion system powered through the rear wheels. You might be accustomed to starting a push mower while holding one bar down with both of your hands. The HRX, however, works with a handle that you can adjust with just one hand.

The controls are placed right in the middle of the handlebar. Depending on the size of your hands, you can adjust their position to what becomes comfortable for you.

Controlling the self-propulsion drive is pressure-sensitive. If you’re coming from a bar-based push mower, you might feel like the lawn mower is driving itself, not listening to your input. Give it a couple of chances, and you’ll realize every mower should feel like this.

You won’t even notice the handle after a bit because it’s encased in a nice layer of foam. This padding keeps your hand from getting that cramped sensation that comes from pushing a mower for too long.


The mulching ability of this Honda mower is, without a doubt, one of the best parts of the HRX. Just like the propulsion system, Honda has given you the option to customize the amount of grass clippings that can pass through your mowing system.

If it’s autumn, you can use the same blades to chop up the leaves in your yard, officially putting your rake into retirement.

Frame and Body

This Honda mower is a pretty big one. It weighs just under 100 pounds, and the engine carries 190cc. So, it chops through even the heaviest of wet grass with no trouble. The mower has a skirting fitted around the cutting deck, which will stop it from spitting grass out of the sides of the mower.

You have three options for where to set the handle, perfect if you have a tall physique or if you plan on training one of your kids how to cut the grass.

If we had to pick a negative point, the HRX Honda mower doesn’t let you discharge out of the side. This is unfortunate for those who like leaving the fresh clippings on their lawn.

To make up for this, the Honda has such an excellent mulching bag, so you won’t miss having to rake up the clippings into one pile.

Do you hate having to start up your mower, struggling to pull the choke until it gets going?

This Honda mower eliminates all of that hassle, attaching an automatic choke system that works with the push of a button.

Lawnmowing in Practice

honda push mower - mowing grass

Using the Honda push mower, you’ll feel like a professional. Do you dream of being the groundskeeper at an MLB stadium, or is a golf course more your style?

The patented MicroCut blade has double the normal amount of cutting surface. And you get four blades to chop the grass into fine pieces for storage in the mulching bag.

When you wind up with smaller clippings like this, you can stuff more into the discharge bag. The bag holds a total of 3.1 cubic feet. The angle of the bag lets you fill it to capacity without having to stop in the middle of a mowing session to check on its status. Of course, you’ll need to keep in mind just how heavy this bag can get by the time you have to unload it.

Best of all, you can pick from seven different cutting levels for this Honda mower. You can go as low as three-quarters of an inch, and as high as 4 inches. You’ll need to manually adjust the height of each wheel when you change the blade settings, but trust us – it’s worth it to be able to set this blade on any height of grass you want.

If you usually use headphones or earbuds while you mow the lawn, you’ll need to crank the volume. This is a loud Honda mower, falling just short of 100 dB. This can actually be a little dangerous for your ears with prolonged exposure. So, you might even want to think about earplugs while you’re outside.


The Honda HRX push mower comes standard with a five-year warranty for any defects that occur while you own it. This beats out the average of three years that usually comes with any new push mower purchase.

If you begin to have problems with the Honda mower, you can reach out directly to Honda through phone or email. This helps when you have to order specific parts and need to speak directly to a Honda representative.

While on the website, you can locate the nearest authorized Honda repair center for any necessary fix jobs you’ll need. In case you forget where your owner’s manual is, or you just don’t feel like keeping a print copy, you can access a PDF version directly from their website.

Should I Buy a Honda Push Mower?

buy using credit card

If you’re considering a new Honda lawn mower, you can’t go wrong with the HRX217VKA. It has an extremely powerful engine, and the self-propulsion makes you feel like a superhero each time you get outside and mow the lawn.

The excellent crafting that goes into the engine and the blades ensures that you can focus on taking care of the grass without making too many adjustments.

Even though you need to manually adjust the wheels if you change the height of the blades, it’s a small concession for all of the perks that come with this mower. The noise level is high. However, compared to other lawn mowers of the same size and engine, it shouldn’t be that much of a raise in loudness.

Simply put, this is one of the best push mowers you can use on your lawn. The Honda might be larger than most other mowers. So, it requires some extra storage space, but it’s worth it. The massive size on the discharge bag means less frequent occasions of unloading grass clippings.

Combine all of this with a five-year warranty and the quality recognized behind the Honda name. As a result, you have a perfect combination for an investment in a Honda mower.

You won’t be disappointed when you start up the HRX217VKA for the first time.

Alternatives to a Honda Push Mower

If you aren’t sold on the idea of purchasing a Honda mower, there are several other options if you’re in the market for a new lawn mower. We recommend the models listed below if Honda isn’t your choice.

Craftsman 37441

No products found.

Another name that has been synonymous with lawn mowers for a while, the Craftsman is a lightweight mower. It’s pretty easy to maneuver, even if you’re not used to using push mowers.

It doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that come with the Honda model. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a reasonable alternative.

The ease of using the Craftsman helps to make it a solid choice for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a lawn mower. It only costs about half the amount of the Honda mower we’ve reviewed here.

Cub Cadet SC 500

If you have a lawn that doesn’t measure evenly or has a lot of hilly terrain, you might be interested in the Cub Cadet. The Honda mower also has a self-propulsion system, of course. However, the Cub Cadet was specifically engineered with irregular yards in mind.

For those with more sensitive hearing, the Cub Cadet is on the low range of noise level. It measures at 90 dB, which is still pretty loud. However, even a slight decrease in volume could mean the difference between drastic hearing loss down the road.

Poulan Pro PR675AWD

Poulan Pro 961420128 PR675AWD Kohler 675 Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag...
  • Kohler 675 149cc Autochoke engine
  • 22-Inch deck push mower
  • 3 in 1 side discharge, mulch and bag capability

Those three letters might have grabbed your attention. The Poulan Pro uses a four-wheel-drive system. This upgrade makes it one of the more powerful self-propelled engines in a push mower on the market. The engine is only 149cc, so we don’t recommend this walk-behind push mower for larger lawns.

One thing to note about the Poulan is the noise level.

At 99.5 dB, it’s one of the loudest mowers we’ve ever tested. We don’t recommend using this without some kind of ear protection. So, at least consider using earbuds to listen to music and block out the sound of the engine.


Overall, you will love the HRX217VKA if you’re looking for a self-propelled engine that cleans up your yard just as efficiently as it cuts. We give it our highest recommendation.

Final Score: 5/5 

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