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If you asked a lawn mower vendor you will be told that lawn mower blades should always be replaced after hours of cutting. What this means is that those times that you haven’t done this you have been making a big mistake!

But why is that? Well as it turns out, broken, mismatched, dull, or damaged lawn mower blades can easily leave your lawn with a rugged cut. No one loves this. We all want a neat and highly adorable lawn for our home or property.

If you want to avoid excessive vibration of the lawn mower due to damaged blades or if you want to avoid an irregular cut on your lawn due to dull blades, replace your mower blades after use. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to change lawn mower blades of the most common mowers.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Lawn Mower Blades

Step I

The switch of your mower. Plug off your mower from the power supply. If the mower works on battery make sure you disconnect the spark plug. If it is running on oil also make sure that the switch button is actually secured. Disconnecting the spark plug wire secures the mower from starting.

Step II

Wear heavy gloves. Set your mower on the side that has no carburetor. This allows the oil tank and carburetor to face up and remain secure. It prevents the fuel from leaking out especially if you are using a gas mower. Before tipping the mower over, make sure that the gas and oil caps are screwed tightly.

Step III

Remove the fastening bolt securing the lawn mower blades. Lodge a 2×4 block between the blades and the mower deck to secure the lawn mower blade in a static position before unfastening the screw. Use a combination wrench to loosen the fastening bolt. Some mowers have two bolts without a washer.

Step IV

Remove the old mower blade once you have unfastened. Make sure that you mark the bottom part of the blade. This is especially very important if you don’t have blades to replace and must sharpen the blade to re-use. You can mark the blade using a masking tape of a marker pen.

Remember: If the blade is fixed upside down it will not cut the grass. So ensure you mark it. This is a very important tip on change lawn mower blades.

Step V

Install the new blade. Remember, like we have said most mower won’t allow the blade to be installed with the wrong side down. Compare your blade with the one you marked before you install to get it right. In short, it is vital that the blade’s cutting frame follows the direction of rotation.

Step VI

If you have set the blade well, put the work gloves on if you had removed them to mark the mower blade. Fit in the tightening bolt and reinstate the wooden block between the mower’s deck and the set of blades. This time round put the block on the opposite side from where it was the first time. Now you can tighten the bolt using your combination wrench.

Step VII

By this last step, your mower should be ready to use. Now flip it back on its wheels. You can reconnect the spark plug and also the power supply. Try out your mower for short distance to see how it works before you choose to get back to work.

Why you Must Know How to Change Lawn Mower BladesHow to Change Lawn Mower Blades

There are very many reasons why any DIY home owner should be able to understand how to change mower blades. Here are some of these reasons.

  • It gives you a set of efficient blades that you can use. These are easy to use.
  • It eases the job and saves you money that you would have hired an expert.
  • It leaves you with smooth, uniform, and well trimmed attractive cut on the lawn.
  • It allows you to properly maintain your blades as you can sharpen blunt blades.
  • It is a precautionary measure that could come in handy when the time is short.

The reasons why you should wear heavy gloves are many. Usually, chipped edges of the blade can cut you. Gloves will also prevent you from dirt. In most cases, it is good to double them up with eye protectors especially if you intend to sharpen the blades instead of replacing them.

The truth is you don’t have to have a new set of blades to change for you to think of learning how to change lawn mower blades. You might just want to sharpen your blades and replace them. If this is the case you will have to follow the simple steps until the IV step.

Once here you can mark the old blade to know the downward side. Then you can pick the blade and sharpen. There are two ways to sharpen the lawn mower blades. They include the manual use of a file and also the use of a lawn mower sharpening too. If you are using the file you will have to secure the blade using a clamp on your work bench. Make sure both ends protrude to allow easy work.

Some of the best lawn accessories that you can have apart from a lawn mower include broadcast spreaders, lawn aerator shoes, rakes, dethatcher, secateurs, and seeders among others. They are ideal and will leave you with a very lush green law for your use. However, if your mower blade is dull, damaged, or heavily worn it is advisable that you just get new ones.


Care and maintenance of lawn accessories are very important. It has so many advantages including giving your tools high efficiency, lengthening their life spans, and making sure that you save so much money from buying new tools. Therefore if you want to keep your lawn mower on the top, make sure you learn how to change lawn mower blades to start with.

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