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Brinly  Dethatcher Review:

When you are about to buy a lawn dethatcher you must pick one that is best for your lawn with a reasonable price. Whether it’s best or not, you never going to buy a machine that will cost heavy. Expensive means best that’s not true in these days, especially for lawn dethatcher machine. There are many manufacturers those who are trying to make the best product for competing with the market.

You surely get confused when choosing the best dethatcher for your lawn. Actually, it depends on your lawn size and the purpose of use. However, there are some lawn dethatchers available on the market those are suitable for any kind of garden. I am going to introduce that kind of a machine today. That is BRINLY DT-40BH TOW BEHIND DETHATCHER.

Brinly DT-40BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 40-Inch-brinly dethatcher


Thatch is a coating of residential living factual like grass, clippings and dead roots among the top upward of grass and root arrangement. Too much thatch can create a block that keeps moistness and air from attainment the roots of the lawn. This amazing dethatcher machine has some extraordinary feature that makes this dethatcher far better than any other dethatcher machine at an affordable price. This dethatcher is best for those following reason:

Most of the dethatcher is a specific type of lawn. Some lawn is small some medium and some large. Interesting fact about this machine is it’s 40-inch large hopper will be perfect for any kind of lawn. However, for small sized lawn, it will be a bit uncomfortable because you need to be returned this machine after every round of dethatching.

This lawn dethatcher is pretty easy to operate. Many dethatching machines has very complex options that make them non-user-friendly. Brinly is a name of simplicity that will prove when you will use their product. It’s easy functions and settings will make your dethatching experiences smoother than another machine.

Nowadays most of the dethatcher are not well at built quality. What material used to build the dethatcher that is important. However, when you want a machine for longer use it comes with material first. This Brinly lawn dethatcher is built with very high-quality stainless steel and international standard plastic to make this different from ordinary ones.

Brinly DT-40BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, brinly dethatcher


If you are decided to buy this amazing lawn dethatching machine you need to know the features first. Here are the features that will make your decision easier.

FLEXING TINES: When you are dethatching your lawn it’s important to look the flexibility of tines and how much thatch it can pick up at a time. Thus, Brinly Dethatcher has 2 rows of 10 independently flexing tines that all you need. Whenever tines are dusty you can always easily clean this part because tines are easy to assemble.

3 OPERATION MODE: How much operation your dethatcher can do that is another point to look before buying this machine. This brinly dethatcher can dethatch, transport and scarify that makes it more versatile than another machine. Most importantly you can easily operate and change the operation engaged from the tractor seat. This feature is comfortable and must have for any dethatcher.

TRANSPORT WHEELS: What is the most unnecessary part that you should look before buying a machine? Maximum people think wheels is not that much important but it’s related to your driveways and walkways. Make sure wheels are gripped but less depth that will not make extra soil-grabbing from your lawn. It’s easy to keep simple your driveways with this machine.

EASY TO ASSEMBLED: For me, this Brinly Dethatcher took only 13 minutes to fully assembled. I personally buy dethatcher for reviewing the purpose and as I have4 lawns. Trust me, this is one of the dethatchers that in extremely easy to assemble. Most of the people feel complicated to assemble tines but its tines come with pre-assembled. So, you don’t need to take extra panic for assembled tines that will save your time.



·         2 rows of 10 moving dual-tine

·         8-inch diamond-tread rolls

·         Adjustable mounting positions

·         Tines come pre-assembled

·         Drawbar to adapt tractor hook-up               height

·         Safety wires to protect tines

·         2 years’ warranty

·         Difficult to understand the assembly             Instruction

·         Sometimes hang-up on heavy grass


This is the most useful dethatcher in your budget. The Brinly dethatcher in the spring and fall to help lightly take away the thatch that can damage a lawn. This multipurpose add-on can also be used to break up or slacken the mud like – scratch. Before seeding and fertilizing a lawn. Get more done with one add-on and have a green, fit lawn in no period.


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