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We reviewed another Agri-Fab product before in a previous review which was also a dethatcher. Today, we are going to another AgriFab electric dethatcher review. The name of the product is Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-In Dethatcher. As always, our review will start with the features and review then pros, cons and ultimately the final words. Let’s start the review.

AgriFab Electric Dethatcher Review

Features of Agri-Fab Electric Dethatcher Review

Agri-Fab is a famous brand when it comes to lawn product. There are not many lawn dethatchers right now in the market and Agri-Fab is one of the few brands that people trust. Let’s see whether they have trustworthy features or not:

No Tool Height Adjustment

One great issue with some dethatchers is managing the height while you are cleaning your lawn or cutting grass. At times, you will have trouble with managing heights and your blades will touch the hard turf which will damage the whole machine. Well, as this is an electric dethatcher, you won’t have to face that problem. There is a technology called no tool height adjustment installed in this device which will make sure that your turf is safe and the blades are also in great form.


Obviously, as it is an advanced level lawn dethatcher (one of the first electric dethatchers), you will have a real comfortable experience when you use this machine. The grips are super comfortable to hold on as they are cushioned. Overall, you will have a comfortable experience while using this machine.

It is Fast

We are discussing electric dethatcher review, you will have your work done faster and swifter with the help of this dethatcher. The engine is good and the experience is electrifying with all types of lawns.

The Pros of Agri-Fab Electric Dethatcher

Let’s list the pros of using this machine in short. If you didn’t have time to read the features above then it will be easier for you if you use these pros to decide whether you are planning to buy it or not.

  • No physical power is needed to run
  • Very fast
  • Comfortable
  • Good Looking

The Cons of Agri-Fab Electric Dethatcher

As we always say, there are some negative parts of every lawn dethatcher and this one is not out of them. Let’s have a look at the cons of this machine.

  • It is wire-based. You will have wires all over your lawn depending on the size of your lawn
  • You may also need extra cord
  • Sometimes it may get overheated if your electricity flow or cord is not good

Final Words

Electric dethatchers are slowly getting popular and this is one of the few ones that got massive popularity in short period. You can depend on this one as this comes from a good and reputed brand. The product is made in the USA which is also a good part about it. Overall, this is a product worth buying if you don’t want to dethatch your lawn using physical power.


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