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A string trimmer is something which will make sure that the garden and most importantly the grasses of your garden are looking polished and perfect. There are people who do not worry about the look of their garden. They feel that having a bush type situation in front or at the back of your home is considered cool.

If you are one of them, then you might not like the idea of a string trimmer, but if you are someone who cares for the beauty of his or her garden then this is a must need an item for you. The product that we are reviewing today is a GreenWorks product. The actual name is GreenWorks 21212 Corded String Trimmer. Like any other GreenWorks products, this one also comes with a lot of features. It is time to have a look at those:


Features of GreenWorks String Trimmer

There are three different versions of this product. The first version is the cheapest one that comes with a 4 Amp along with a cutting path of 13 inches. The second type has a 5.5 Amp with a cutting path of 15 inches and the last type has a 10 Amp with a cutting path of 18 inches. You should choose one depending on the size of your garden.


Very lightweight

If you are looking for a lightweight trimmer then this is the perfect solution for your garden. Greenworks string trimmer is weighed only around 5.2lb which is the lowest among all the trimmer types. No matter which version of the product that you go for (among those three types), you will find the weight light which is pretty good compared to others.


If efficiency is considered then GreenWorks will lead in that criteria and their string trimmer are not apart from that quality of being efficient. If you have used garden machines, then you must know that it takes a lot of electricity to run these machines. Electricity is not cheap and that becomes an additional burden for the gardener. With GreenWorks string trimmer, you will be able to save a ton of electricity.

The machine itself works on a low amp power which saves your cost, but the machine is efficient too. It means that you will not only be saving electricity with low amp settings, you will also be doing your trimming faster which will result in more savings. So the overall scenario will be great for you.

Ease of Use

Often companies do not realize that not everyone who works in the garden is technologically talented. We have many seniors who love working in gardens, but who do not want to learn how a complicated machine works. This product solves that problem at ease. There is not even a single complex setting or modes in this machine which will come as a problem for seniors or juniors. It is very easy to operate and anybody without any prior experience can use it within 5 minutes.


The Pros

Though the features mostly discussed the pros of buying this greenworks string trimmer for your garden, it is important that you have a look at the summary of the pros. Therefore, this section should assist you:

  • Great price
  • Very lightweight
  • You won’t face the hassle with grasses
  • Compatible with other GreenWorks models

The Cons

The Con are probably the most important part of any review. This is the place which will help you in deciding that whether you should go for a certain product or not. We tried to list all the cons of this product so that you can decide the best decision for your garden.

  • It is a corded device
  • The power cord does not come with the product
  • It is more of a trimmer type machine

GreenWorks-21212-4-Amp-13-inch Corded-Electric-String-Trimmer

Final Words

Overall, this is not one of those items that is a must need for your garden. It is a product that you should have but not a must. It is good to have it for the look of your garden, but you will not get any health benefits from your garden if you have this item. Therefore, take the decision depending on your situation.

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