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If you've ever gone shopping at a local hardware or home improvement store, there's no doubt you've heard about or have seen a Ryobi product. You may even have had your eye on a Ryobi leaf blower.

Ryobi is a worldwide manufacturer of power tools and builders' hardware, with manufacturing companies located in Japan and the United States—as well as Europe and China.

Ryobi specializes in professional-grade outdoor power tools. These tools include chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers. You may already own some of their products. In that case you know they are a dependable brand.

Their blowers are considered high-quality and are among the best available leaf blowers on market.

The Ryobi RY25AXB and the Ryobi P2180 are two of the most popular Ryobi leaf blower models. But are they worth the purchase?

The RY25AXB Ryobi Leaf Blower and How It Works?

ryobi leaf blower
Ryobi RY25AXB 160 MPH 520 CFM 25cc Gas Jet Fan Blower
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This Ryobi leaf blower is popular among both lawn care professionals and residential homeowners. This model is gas-powered. And at only 11.5 pounds, it's pretty lightweight for a gas-powered leaf blower.

Ryobi built this model with a two-cycle jet fan blower, described as the most powerful gas handheld blower. So, this compact handheld model produces airspeed at a maximum of 160 MPH. Usually, you can only find this kind of power on backpack-style leaf blowers.

Also, it features a three-stage jet fan design for the most efficient yard cleaning. They built its force full crank engine to last for a long time.

This Ryobi leaf blower features a variable-speed trigger, which allows for multiple speeds. So, it's useful for any size job, big or small. Clear large debris out of your driveway or clear away leaves from your vegetable garden. After all, you don't want to destroy your tomato plants while blowing sticks and leaves out of your garden. 

In summary, this blower can handle the toughest jobs and even the most delicate ones. Cruise control and the three varying speed options are great features for any leaf blower.

How is the RY25AXB Ryobi leaf blower unique?

First of all, with its varying speed option, this model is already pretty unique. Its impressive air speed sets it apart from competitors’ handheld leaf blowers.

Ryobi’s RY25AXB also has an anti-vibration handle for better grip, allowing for more user control and comfort. And the over-molded grips are an excellent feature.

It's easy to lose control of certain leaf blowers because of the amount of air they exude. So, really anything that pumps out air at over 100mph is hard to handle and can often cause a lot of arm fatigue.

This model does a great job of giving you a steady grip for the ultimate control. And its design helps to reduce that annoying fatigue so you can finish the job without breaks. 

Just as important as airspeed is the blower’s CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. That's the volume of air your leaf blower can exert during the job. 

Why do you need to know this?

Well, it may seem like 150 CFM for a leaf blower makes a good product. But, when it comes down to it, that's like blowing 150mph air out of a straw. You'll get the debris directly in front of the nozzle, but it will take a long time to cover a large area. High airspeed and high CFM leads to more power and a better blowing experience.

You should expect a CFM for a handheld gas leaf blowers between 400-600. Rated for 520 CFM, the RY25AXB’s Ryobi leaf blower offers all the power you need.  

Public perception

Customers really love the Ryobi RY25AXB. Many customers describe this blower as a lightweight, powerful, and very easy to use model.

Of the over 1,600 reviews on Home Depot, over 1,500 customers gave this leaf blower 4 stars or better. A staggering 77 percent of customers gave the product 5 full stars, including product owner Eddie.

“Where this blower really shines is with the different run modes. The blower has three speeds that can be controlled by a trigger or locked in with the 'cruise control'. this makes using the blower much easier and less of a strain on your hands and arms. This isn't the lightest tool out there, but I'd definitely recommend it for anyone with a lot of leaves or other blowing needs.” Eddie said.

Other reviews noted the lightweight design and easy-to-control design. Helen Buckner, an RY25AXB customer, was thrilled with the power of this model on her Amazon review.

“I have to admit that I don't do as many reviews as I should, but I just used this blower for the umpteenth time this year and I was compelled to write a review. This blower truly exceeded my expectations - and continues to do so. First, if blows HARD! Even when it rains and there's pine straw on the driveway, it still picks it up. It literally takes half the time as my other blowers.” Helen said. 

Where to buy

You can find the Ryobi RY25AXB online from both Amazon and Home Depot.  

How it compares

The Ryobi RY25AXB compares exceptionally well to its competitors. It weighs lighter than many gas-powered blowers.

With its 160mph output, you'll find it's one of the more powerful gas-powered models in a similar price range.

The design of the RY25AXB is very pleasing. Its appearance doesn't look like a gas-powered model. Instead, it has a sleeker and more modern look, similar to battery-powered leaf blowers.

This model also comes with a three-year warranty. 

Our thoughts

The Ryobi RY25AXB is a great product. Few competitors’ models can compete with the functionality, power, sleek design, and ease of use associated with this Ryobi leaf blower.

This blower is good for anyone in need of a leaf blower. Lawn maintenance professionals, as well as homeowners looking to clear out their garden, driveway, or yard. We believe it is a must-buy for anyone on the market for a leaf blower. 

The P2180 Ryobi Leaf Blower and How It Works

ryobi leaf blower - THE RYOBI P2180

The Ryobi P2180 is battery-powered, with an 18-volt High Capacity Lithium Battery. So, it features cordless utility and you can recharge it easily. Best of all, it boasts twice the power and a 50 percent increase in battery runtime than its predecessor.

At only 6.2 pounds, the P2180 is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and easy to control. The jet fan design powers this product and produces a maximum airspeed of 100mph.

You'll find that 200 to 400 makes a good CFM for an electric leaf blower, and rated at 280 CFM, the P2180 compares with other powerful electric leaft blowers.

This Ryobi leaf blower also has a variable-speed trigger, which allows for multiple speeds for numerous jobs. Its powerful battery lets you do more cleaning on a single charge.

How is the P2180 Ryobi leaf blower unique, and how does it compare?

The airspeed and CFM make this Ryobi leaf blower unique from other electric models.

Most significantly, at just over 6 pounds, its weight makes it lighter than most electric leaf blowers. And its long-lasting 18-Volt battery is better than many competitors.

Ryobi is especially good at manufacturing leaf blowers. Most customers consider Ryobi superior products, meant for lawn maintenance professionals and the average person just looking to clean up their yard.

Public perception

The P2180 has been very well received among the customer reviews we have searched. Customers particularly appreciate its lightweight design, long-lasting battery, and powerful airspeed. 

Of the over 2,500 customer reviews on Home Depot, nearly 2,300 customers rated this product at 4 stars or better. Nearly 70 percent of customers rated this product 5 stars, including Susan.

“I am 76 yrs old female and trying to stay somewhat fit by doing some of our yard work. I have been raking leaves, and realized I couldn't do this much longer. So, I purchased a Ryobi Leaf Blower ... and I'm in heaven. It does the job really well. and is light enough that I can complete the cleanup and still walk.” Susan said.

And whereas Susan enjoyed the lightweight and effectiveness of this product, others were thrilled with the power, even though it is an electric model. This includes Langston V, a reviewer of the product on Amazon.

“While this blower may not have the strength of a gas or electric blower, it does have a significant amount of power. It's very lightweight and does the job right. I use it for clearing my large corner lot sidewalks and patio area mainly. It usually takes me 20-25 minutes total and I haven't had the battery die mid-project yet.” Langston said.

Of course, some customers did complain that it didn't have as much power as they expected. This was, however, a minority opinion. After all, this Ryobi leaf blower is electric. It simply doesn't have the capabilities that gas-powered blowers have.


The retail price of the Ryobi P2180 varies depending on whether you purchase a bundle that includes the battery charger.

Remember, this is an electric blower that requires a charger, so purchasing it without a charger makes little sense. 

You may already own this charger to use with another Ryobi product. So, without the charger, this product retails for much less than the full bundle.

Our thoughts

Considering its use, the Ryobi P2180 is a great model. It's not meant for commercial use or extraordinarily heavy debris. But, no electric models are. For residential use and everyday cleanup, it's a winner. 

So, if you are looking for a high-quality, well-designed leaf blower, this one is for you.

Its light weight allows for any size person to use it. So, if you're relatively small, just make sure you plant your feet before hitting the max setting.

Final Thoughts on the Ryobi Leaf Blower


You just can't go wrong with either Ryobi leaf blower. What's important is that you know what type you need before getting out your wallet.

The RY25AXB works well for both commercial or residential use. So, if your yard has a lot of large debris, blow it away with the max setting. You can use the lowest setting for the more delicate areas in your yard.

On the other hand, the P2180, like any electric leaf blower, is meant mainly for residential use. Its varying setting speeds also allow for multiple jobs. But you won't be able to move heavy or widespread debris. The charge only lasts about 25 minutes, so this model is perfect for those quick, easier jobs. 

You'll be happy with either Ryobi leaf blower you choose. And both Ryobi models will blow your socks off. The gas-powered one will just do it better.

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