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Smart Lawn Accessories, Their Use, and Benefits

Nothing stuns like a beautiful lawn lying straight on the doorstep of lovely furnished home. Such a lawn has a humbling effect that instantly allows you to fall in love with the tranquility of such an atmosphere. However, the best lawn doesn’t come on the silver platter.

Homeowners must work hard to get such artistic lawns. They must use the money to hire the best landscapers, buy the right lawn accessories/ equipment, or get the best DIY lawn care tips. This takes time, energy, and money but often has the best results too.

The choices are also endless. Take lawn accessories for instance. Homeowners have numerous options to choose from. From grass trimmers, lawn mower, dethatchers, sprinklers, feed and seed, mower covers, aerator shoes the choices are so many.

Today we shall look at some of these accessories to find out how they work, what benefits they have, or why they are really important for home use. Irrespective of the accessory that we will be choosing, you can always take the time to research on the ones we left too.

Lawn Food & Seed:

Lawn FoodWater-Soluble-Lawn-Food

If you want your lawn at the tip-top condition there are a number of products that you could use. Lawn food is such a product.  Lawn food greens and thickens the lawn so that the lawn remains lush. It is a fertilizer like the product that thickens grass roots and improves lawn’s grass ability to absorb water and nutrients usually from the lawn soil.


When to Apply Lawn Food

For best results with lawn food remember.

  • Apply lawn food within 3-4 weeks from spring
  •   to autumn as the grass grows.
  • Apply lawn food after mowing and removing clippings for best seed-soil contact.
  • Apply when the soil is moist and the grass is dry
  • Don’t apply when the soil is dry, frozen, or when frosty.

Grass SeedTruf-builder-grass-seed

Grass Seed is made up of fast growing lawn seeds usually from different types of grass that you might love to have.When applied to lawn food, any good breed of grass seed will produce fantastic results in the shortest time possible. This is because a combination of the two reinvigorates existing grass and adds new grass to make the lawn thicker and greener. It can be used together with horticultural sand or grit.

How to Apply Grass Seed

When applying grass seed, make sure that you apply the granules thinly and evenly. This ensures the same result across the entire lawn. When done you should also brush off granules from decking, hard surfaces, clothing, and footwear to avoid discolorations. Finally, don’t allow pets on the lawn until granules are watered and the lawn dries.


Lawn Mower Cover                                                   

A lawn mower cover is an all season protection that protects the mower against a number of damage prone things including sun damage, rain, mildew, dust, birds, and in lesser cases tree sap.

What a Lawn Mower Cover is Composed of

The best lawn mower cover is usually constructed of a rugged water-resistant fabric that never shrinks. Some are even resistant to tear and any possible tear like damages. It can often extend to cover the entire mower and the attached catcher on the rear end.

Irrespective of whether you have a gas, push, or electric lawn mower, a great lawn mower cover is often good enough to work in every type of mower. They come with click-it closure technique on the back that makes removal and installation pretty easy always.


How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Cover

For easy picks and the most refined choice of a lawn mower cover, any homeowner should often look at the following features.

  • Lawn mower cover that fits both machines and attached catcher on rear discharge mowers.
  • Lawn mower cover with elastic shock cord in the bottom hem for easy assembly.
  • A lawn mower cover made of heavy-duty polyester fabric won’t shrink or stretch.
  • Click-it closure technique on the back that makes removal and installation pretty easy.
  • An overall compatible model for gas, push, and electric lawn mowers among others.

Lawn Aerator Shoes

To understand what lawn aerator shoes will do, we must first understand what lawn aeration is. Actually lawn aeration simply means creating holes on your lawn with the aim of improving water drainage on the soil and fertilizer access onto the grass roots.

What you Should Know about Lawn Aerator Shoes

This process can be done manually but only with the right tools. Such tools that help the process include lawn dethatchers and lawn aerator shoes. Lawn aerator shoes will, therefore, create an ideal passage through which water, air, and fertilizer can get down to your grass roots and in turn improve the health of your lawn leaving it green, thick, and lush.

Lawn-Aerator-Spike-Shoes-lawn accessories

Personally, I have used lawn aerator shoes before. However, if you read much you will find that many people who use spiked lawn aerator shoes say that spiked shoes impact very small areas and further on compact the soils making it hard for grass roots to spread out. But if spikes work for you, well you can go ahead and use them but remember this.

Different types of soils will require different aeration routines. Clay soils, for instance, require frequent aeration as it is often more compact than the rest. With sandy soil, frequent aeration is never a necessity. However, you can do that once a year for a great formality. In arid areas, though the drill is different, aerating twice a year is often advisable as it enhances ideal growth and healthy turf.

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn can be done by removing chunks of soil or simply using lawn aerator shoes. But whichever option you choose to go with. Aerating your lawn has many benefits including the following.

  • Giving stronger turfgrass roots
  • Boosting soil water uptake
  • Reduced water paddling and runoff
  • Reduced compaction of the lawn soil
  • Improved air exchange within the soil.


It is true that your lawn is the face of your home. However, it is really important that you choose the best tools and lawn accessories to care for your lawn. These three that we have talked about today are just a tip of the iceberg. You can always move around to sample some more that you could make use of any day. Good luck with your lawn!

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