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Every lawn owners want a healthy lawn and lawn dethatching makes a lawn healthy also ensure the quality. When it comes to dethatching, you have to know what is thatch and dethatch and why dethatching is beneficial for your lawn. Dethatching your lawn regularly will add kerb demand to your home as well as subsidise to a healthy lawn. Dethatching is a process where thatch is removed from lawn to help growing green grass and a healthy lawn. There is no alternative of dethatching if you want a healthy, thick and beautiful lawn.

Thatch refers to grow up of dead grass and long needles. The gathering of these things inclines to limit the quantity of sunlight, water, and air in your lawn. However, when thatch starts growing excessively; those unwanted materials on your lawn can make the lawn more disposed to viruses and rats. Sword growing will also be partial as key basics that are vital to its healthiness are inept to enter into the origins.

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Why dethatching is important and what are the benefits of lawn dethatching?


Maintaining a healthy lawn and keep it looking good you need to dethatch your lawn seasonally.  Is it require to lawn dethatching seasonally or not depends on your lawn? If that has a thatch problem, you should dethatch it as soon as possible for recovering. Those Following symbols remain means that a thatch problem exists in your lawn:

  1. RECOVER YOUR LAWN FROM MOSS: Moss is a kind of thatch that has green roots linked to the soil, that means those are living thatch. Every lawn contains a lot of moss and those create a problem such as your lawn will be ugly. By removing moss the outlook of your lawn should be cool by growing seasonal green grass. The solution is dethatching it using a dethatching machine for recovering healthy look of your lawn. A lawn dethatcher/mower machine works great as the moss has no roots nearly.
  1. RESEED GREEN GRASS BY REMOVING THATCH: Dead grass or thatch is another sign that you have a problem in reseeding green grass on your lawn. This problem directly linked to two factors. Available grass currently has on your lawn and the amount of sunlight available on your lawn whole year. When that thatches will be completely removed from your lawn then it will be a great time for reseeding new green grass.
  1. REMOVE ACIDIC PINE NEEDLES FOR BETTER LAWN: Pine needles grow on the edge of your lawn. Those are like viruses, after few days they started to grow everywhere on your lawn. Those pine needles plug out water and sunlight, however, they are also acidic. It’s might be a necessity to use lime when over seeding these areas to offset the effects of the acidic pine needles.

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Dethatching is needed for quick removal of thatch and recovers the health of your lawn. If you don’t know benefits of dethatching, you might not be motivated to dethatch your garden. So, let’s see what are the benefits of a lawn dethatching and how can you do that process:


THATCH RAKE FOR BLOCKAGE REMOVAL: This process refers to the removal of build-up in the yard that can be harmful to it since sunlight, water and air are prevented from getting into the soil’s surface. When the thatch is removed, green grass can grow much better as per obstructions are detached. You can use a thatch rake or a dethatching machine for this persistence.


LAWN DETHATCHER MAKE THE JOB FASTER: There are several ways to dethatch your lawn. You can do it manually or this process may take a few hours when you have a big lawn. Power-rakes and lawn dethatch can be used for this purpose which will get the job done faster.


HIRING A PROFESSIONAL EXPERT: If you want to expense 100 to 200 bucks by dethatching your lawn it’s high time you can contact with a professional expert. How much it will cost depends on your lawn size. One of the plus points of hiring an expert is the speed up the process and also the clean-up job was done. Just be sure to dethatch your lawn when it’s dry to side-step gathering so much mess along the process.

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  1. Use iron before removing thatch.
  2. Use alkali to prevent future moss growth
  3. Remove moss first before using alkali
  4. Dethatch your lawn when it needed; depends on climate and grass types
  5. Sometimes do not dethatch more than once for every 3 to 5 years.


Dethatching is needed for a healthy lawn but when it’s necessary to dethatch depends on the weather, sunlight position and the type of grass have on your lawn. Using a lawn dethatcher machine will make this process much easier and faster.

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